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Ever wonder what would happen if the Aliens from Alien were turned in to weapons?

You might have something like the Sabatin – nearly indestructible, programmable killing machines!

Meet Timberwolf Velez. He’s a very damaged man. On the edge of madness. A natural born killer… and he’s not alone in his own head.

When a brutal enemy appears again, he’s also the only man alive who can stop a madman from unleashing an army of Sabatin on the galaxy.

After the first page, you won’t be able to put this action packed story down! Guarantee you’ll be dying for “Timberwolf the Movie!”

If you’ve been waiting for a “good” Alien sequel to coming along, this might scratch that itch.


- "Timberwolf is what you'd get if Dirty Harry and Ripley had a son." Merrill Chapman

- "The action is simply amazing; it makes putting the book down nearly impossible." Tito Martínez Barberi

- "Skillfully plotted, with well-drawn characters that have subtle shading, Timberwolf is a fast-paced story that is immensely readable." Photoguy126

- "Timberwolf has a human heart; it’s not about the combat suits or space ships, it’s about the people and their motivations for doing what they do." Eric Lahti

- "How Timberwolf hasn't been snatched up by Hollywood as a screen play, is beyond me" DavidM

- "Characters in Timberwolf are thoughtfully developed with great depth and the action is described in outstanding detail that puts you right on the pages with them." Picode Gallo


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Kill the room…

    Dr. Tier sat behind her desk and Conrad took his usual place—behind her and leaning against a cabinet. She nodded at Timberwolf in acknowledgment with a vacancy that told him she was nothing but the job. She wasn’t an unattractive woman, but her features were severe. An angular chin and high cheekbones set the stage for large blue eyes that sucked in everything around them. Dark brown hair hung in a pristine but fashionable bob.

    Timberwolf noticed someone else standing near the door behind him; a mountain of a man he knew as Capote. Timberwolf had never seen him speak, but he floated around whenever serious muscle might be needed. He did his usual thing and mentally counted the moves it would take to kill everyone in the room.

    “Twenty-two?” Dr. Tier guessed. She knew his game.

    “Seventeen,” Timberwolf responded.

    Dr. Tier didn’t fake smiles. It wouldn’t have fooled anyone, but she smiled now. “Even with Capote here, seventeen moves to kill the room?”

    “Yeah, that’s all I need.” Timberwolf detected a slight shuffle from the man behind him.

    “I hate games, Mr. Velez,” Dr. Tier said nonchalantly as she opened a manila envelope.

    “Then you picked the wrong line of work, Doc. We’re on the cloak and dagger committee.”


If military science fiction is your preference, "Timberwolf" by Tom Julian will definitely float your boat - or space battle cruiser.

Following a religious Crusade against aliens, the human race finally met their match. Forced to abandon their genocidal campaign, most of humanity has accepted that mankind must peacefully trade with aliens. Most, but not all.

"Timberwolf" is an epic tale of a small group of Crusaders bent on locating a hidden high tech weapons factory and using it to create living weapons which they plan to use against the enemy.

There's action on every page as several groups battle to win the race to control the wealth and weapons left as a prize for the victors.

Timberwolf Velez is an elite agent of the Department of Peace Enforcement, an agency tasked with preventing yet another war. The last war, against an alien race called the Arnock was brutal, and many humans died. Timberwolf was part of the Assault Corps during that war, and in fact is the only man to survive direct contact with the Arnock. He did not however, survive unscathed. The Arnock are still with him, taking up space somewhere in his brain, sometimes observing, sometimes speaking to him. He is sure to go mad if he fails to keep it locked away.

The Arnock inside his brain however is not his only problem. The other, more pressing problem is the crazed ideals of a former Assault Corps general turned criminal, Emmanuel Gray. Gray wants to continue the work of the fanatical Assault Corps and wipe out any and all alien forms of life. And he is willing to use an alien life form, the brutal, almost unbeatable creature called the Sabatin to do it.

Can Timberwolf find a way to forever silence, or remove, the Arnock connection in his head long enough to defeat Emmanuel Gray? Will he be able to prevent another war?

The author used specific jargon and abbreviations at various points that were a bit confusing. As well, the POV shifted frequently and I had to reread certain sections and refocus multiple times throughout the story. Still it was an enjoyable story.
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