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The Yuletide Countess

The Yuletide Countess
Harriet Walcott, companion of Miss Isobel Paley (from The Secret Bluestocking), is the perfect example of a spinster: past the usual age of marriage and content to spend her days with her needlework and her painting, without a hope for love. Her fondness for her family, along with her ability to find joy in everything, endears her to most who know her.

On her annual sojourn with Isobel to Ballydendargan, Scotland, Harriet finds more than the peace and quiet of the countryside. She meets Miss Catherine Dalburn, governess to Lord Glencairn’s two children as well as the children themselves. The two women form a friendship and Harriet grows fond of the children.

While Isobel pursues her “secret bluestocking” interests and Lord Francis Wheaton arrives in Ballydendargan to continue his pursuit of Isobel’s heart, Harriet finally meets Lord Glencairn. A dashingly handsome man in his later years with twinkling blue eyes and beautiful white hair, he and Harriet become fast friends, united in their desire to see Isobel and Lord Francis finally admit their feelings for each other and marry.

Fate has a surprise in store for Harriet, who has long thought herself “on the shelf.” Are her feelings for Lord Glencairn more than friendship? Can he possibly feel the same for her, especially since he all but disappeared from polite society after his wife’s death ten years before?

The Yuletide Countess is a “co-quel” or “side-car” to The Secret Bluestocking/A Lady of Passion, in that the much of it happens in parallel with the other books. However, the point of view is strictly Harriet’s.
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About the Book
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 182
Have you ever experienced this- it’s three days before Christmas, you have to get everything ready, how will you pull it all together by December 25? There are presents to wrap, and a few extra to buy. You have cookies and pies to bake, more groceries are needed, and who is decorating the tree? “Calgon, take me away!”

In case Calgon doesn't work, try Alicia Quigley. Her romantic, sweet read will replace your Christmas anxiety with a delightful sugar plum of a story. Replace your hustle bustle Christmas with a tale of a proper 1800’s Scottish Christmas.

Harriet Walcott is a genteel spinster, and a companion to her vivacious young cousin, Lady Isabel Paley. The story begins in the summer when the two women journey to the Paley cottage in Scotland. Their time there begins as it always does, with excavating Roman ruins for Isabel, and painting and walking for happy Harriet. Soon we find that Lady Isobel’s suitor, Sir Francis, has come to visit Lord Glencairn at his grand castle. Will Sir Francis win the lovely Isabel? Will Harriet pair with Lord Glencairn? Do the heather and gorse grow in Scotland?

Yes, we know that “Happily Ever After” will prevail. But readers will still enjoy the journey to the altar for several of the couples. And the beautiful descriptions of Christmas at the castle will be sure to bring joy to everyone's world. Harriet is a charming and spunky character who wants everyone to be loved. Enjoy this confection of love and happiness- this enchanting, clean romantic read is sure to brighten your holiday season.

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