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The Woman of My Dreams

The Woman of My Dreams
Sleepwalking through a decade of soulless jobs, Arnold Brinckman is still reeling from his girlfriend's suicide. When he is convinced all hope is lost, the beautiful and exotic Anastasia appears in his dreams, teaching him to live and love again. But this lesson may come at a price Arnold isn't willing to pay. Suddenly, reality and dream begin to blur as Arnold loses his way. Is the woman of his dreams really a nightmare Arnold can't survive?
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About the Book
Tags: Blue Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 298
I am sure most of us have had at least an occasional restless night, a troubled sleep filled with disturbing dreams. After struggling to escape a demon, or avoid falling off a cliff, aren’t you relieved to wake enough to throw off your tangled covers and realize, “Oh, thank goodness it was just a dream!”

Author Glenn Fain has crafted a suspenseful paranormal thriller out of our fear and attraction to the allure of love, death and dreams. We want to know about life after death and where love goes and how it changes…or do we?

At the beginning of the story, we meet Arnold, a quiet, moody, solitary college guy. In a chance encounter on the library elevator, he meets another student, Janie and is instantly attracted to her. He begins to have vivid, sexual dreams about her and becomes obsessed with finding her.

Arnold and Janie do come together and become a close couple until Janie dies. But even after death, she never seems far away. Arnold works as a dishwasher for the next fifteen years and lives alone until Janie comes back, in his dreams. He enters a strange world where his daytime reality is gray and ordinary and his night time dreams with Janie are vivid and intense. He meets Janie’s living sister and attempts to have relationships with both women.

“It was strange and fantastic falling asleep in one woman’s arms and waking up in another’s.”

While having two lives and two women seems appealing, after a few months it becomes unsettling for Arnold. Is he awake? Is he sleeping? What is reality?

“I think she was warning me she can blur the dream about the waking world to such an extent that I wouldn’t know the difference.”

This is a dark and uncomfortable story. Most of it takes place in Arnold’s apartment or at his job, and in his dreams. The repetition of dreams and scenes make the reader feel like Arnold- what is the truth, what is really happening?

This book has an amazing and intriguing plot, but for me, it was just too much. There are also graphic sexual scenes and language. But, many readers who are fans of the paranormal will be captivated by the crazed days and nights of Arnold. Here is a macabre page turner that will satisfy some readers and discombobulate others. The book is well-written and well-edited.

“I’m coming!” I need you! Anastasia and I will be together soon. I know it”.

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