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The Turning

The Turning
He had escaped the horrors of the last few months, starting a new life, with his new family.

His life was returning to normal, scars healing. Until they found him, taking his loved ones back through the doorway.

To their world. To their horrors.

Now Jake must follow, hoping it’s not too late.

Will he reach them in time?

Before they are turned against him
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About the Book

He looked across the car, his eyes wide with terror as a pair of hands grabbed his arm, dragging him out into the night. Karaa threw him across the car park, tearing his clothing. He floundered on the wet gravel, unable to see much in the thick fog. He climbed to his feet, tugging his trousers up as she approached. His mouth hung open in astonishment as he saw her striding towards him. Her long blond hair framed a white face. Her fangs were wickedly curved, almost dripping in anticipation of his blood. Her eyes yellow, tinged with red.

“Oh my God,” Jay said, before taking flight towards the golf course, a long wail piercing the darkness. He was in good shape. He played squash twice a week and ran when he found the time. He would give anyone a run for their money in a race, except Karaa. As he reached the fence that divided the car park from the golf course she was on him. Pinning him against a large tree she ripped his shirt open to expose the flesh underneath. She was primed for the kill when she stopped, sniffing him. Her nose wrinkled in disgust as something in his scent repelled her. He smelt sour. She didn’t know that it was a combination of cologne and a sexually transmitted disease that made him unappealing. He sensed an opportunity, lashing out with a punch to her jaw. Two of his knuckles shattered as he connected with her grey skin. He screamed again as she grabbed the back of his neck, smashing his face into the tree trunk. His scream died in the night as it echoed across the golf course. Karaa pulled him back from the bark before slamming his face into it once more. His head shattered, sending chunks of brain, blood, and flesh flying into the grass all around her. She let go of the back of his neck, his lifeless body slumping to the floor. Karaa, former chieftain of the Eastern Cravens, stood magnificent in the moonlight. She looked down at the pitiful human and smiled. Holding her head to the stars she shrieked the war cry that was still locked in her subconscious. Her turning had not eradicated all of her former self. She walked back to Eddie and the girl as her cry echoed around the Lickey Hills.


The Turning is a complex story of fantasy, horror, and the supernatural combined. Phil Price has developed a book about another world, reached by a mysterious opening or doorway. Once someone steps through that opening he is confronted by a world inhabited by vampires, monsters, and all sorts of folk. Some of these creatures are good while others are terrifying.

Jake is a young man who has married and had a baby with a woman from that world. This is the second book in the series, but Price is wise enough to fill in the backstory, so The Turning can be read as a stand-alone book. Jake’s wife, Katherine, is still adjusting to the differences in her new world. She has left behind family. Fearing she might be pursued through the magical opening between worlds, Jake takes her to a distant town in Cornwall, so they will be safe. Soon, his parents join them and buy a home nearby.

The families seem to be settling in nicely until evil forces from beyond come through the magic portal in search of Katherine. On the other side of that portal are forests so thick you can’t see past the trees, inhabited by cannibals, vampires, and monsters, as well as simple folk who are preyed upon but these creatures. Angered by Jake’s past interactions with the leaders of these groups that resulted in some of them being killed, two of the vampires decide to get revenge. Their goal is to locate the family and kidnap Katherine, bringing her back to the other world. Discovering she has given birth to Jake’s baby, Alicia, they plan to take her as well. Knowing this will lure Jake through the portal, they plan to kill him and turn his wife and baby into vampires.

Along with Jake, his father Doug, a family friend who is also a priest Stephen, and Katherine’s uncle Wilf he sets out to rescue his wife and daughter from the vampires Guzman and Elias and the vampire slaves they have created.

This is a character filled book and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of them. The central characters are easy to remember, but secondary characters are sometimes easily forgotten.

Price does a great job of laying out locations with vivid descriptions of the various landscapes. It’s apparent this is a large and constantly changing world. Price uses the upheaval of the land to reinforce the upheaval in Jake’s and Katherine’s lives. Even the use of vampires is indicative of dramatic change.

The additional theme of good versus evil runs throughout the book. Perhaps the conflict within Stephen, the priest, is the most apparent of all internal battles each character experiences. There is good and bad within each of them, and the core battles all people experience are portrayed with skill.

There are some misspellings of words and the conclusion of the book is disturbing. There is no finality, although I suspect this is the second book in a series. Hopefully, there will be a third book where everything is finalized.

I did enjoy this book and found the variety of characters and the complex relationships fascinating. I would recommend reading the series in order to better understand what is happening. I think anyone who enjoys a fantasy with supernatural overtones would enjoy reading The Turning.

I’m giving the book a Green Bookworm because of the misspellings, incorrect word use, and unsatisfying end.
What drew me to this book was the first book in the series. My favorite character in the book is Jake, who is a retired police officer who stumbles into a gateway to another realm. He moves on from a family tragedy with a new soon to be wife and daughter. It all seems like Jake is going to have a happy ending but the vampires have other plans for Jake and his new family.

I liked discovering more about the other world and the creatures that it holds.

This book kind of leaves you with a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to read the next book.
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