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The Sara Chronicles: We Were Destined Kindle Edition

The Sara Chronicles: We Were Destined Kindle Edition
Someone had made a terrible mistake twelve years before and placed a young girl in the care of Hugh and Janet Finklestein. This child's name was Sara. She knew nothing of her life before the Finklesteins- just that life with them was miserable- they didn't feed her, didn't love her, and pretty much left her to fend for herself. Sara's life changes drastically one day when she is transported to the Land of the Keepers, a strange place where nothing is quite what it seems- and danger is around every bend. Sara is told be the Keepers that an evil group called the Garren have been causing trouble. People all over the land have been disappearing, those that are left have begun to change from loving neighbors to hate-filled, violent bullies. Sara is told that she has special powers given to her as a birthright that will help save the people of this land. What the power is exactly- they cannot tell her, but they do know that she will have to find two other children just like her to help defeat the Garren. One child has the power to control people's minds, the other the ability to move things without touching them. The tricky part of this adventure is to find these kids with no help from the Keepers. All they can tell her is that she will know them when she sees them- all while trying to figure out what power she has. No problem- right?
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