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The Sara Chronicles: Book 3 The Calling Back Kindle Edition

The Sara Chronicles: Book 3 The Calling Back Kindle Edition
Braccus had invaded Sara's mind to destroy her.

What he had failed to consider was, as he did so, he had also made himself vulnerable to her...

A golden-haired girl named Sara lies in a deep sleep. It has been four years since the evil Braccus entered her mind, making it impossible to communicate with her friends without pain and nausea; worse, she was absorbing the powers of other children when she came in contact with them. Sara had been afraid and alone when Olie, her good friend and mentor, stepped in to ease her suffering with a sleeping spell.

Many changes have occurred while Sara has been comatose. Some of the members of her small, gifted group of friends-drawn together by their special abilities-have changed and, in some cases, moved on without her. Braccus is still causing trouble and attempting to gain control of the worlds, but Sara has become more powerful and unpredictable while in her sleep state. What powers will she wield when she awakes, and how will Sara deal with becoming a young woman left behind by the world she knew?
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