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The Sandman and Mrs Carter: a psychological mystery

The Sandman and Mrs Carter: a psychological mystery
The Sandman helped her sleep. Now she needs a lover . . .

Five characters involved in Wendy Carter's story tell it from their own viewpoint but who is the mystery narrator whose persuasive voice weaves together all the threads of this darkly powerful psychological drama?
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Listen. Don’t be afraid. I’d like a soothing word in your ear before we begin. A moment of your time. If you please, a quiet start whispered in the dark. Soft breath against your neck – a hint of me. Tender touch of mystery – a clue. Let me kiss you with my voice. Let my words caress.

These chapters are like gospels. In its own way each tells the truth. Each speaks for one who believes it.

Only viewpoint changes. The truth is always the truth. Their chapters are not my truth. Mine is complete and when we reach the end you’ll see the sense in what I’m saying now.

Have faith in the narrators when they tell you what they know. They do not mean to deceive. Accept what they say. They may see things from different perspectives, but it is still only and always the truth. Trust all of the narrators. Especially me. There are no liars here.

Forget you can’t see me. Many things you cannot see affect your lives. Take emotions. You can’t hold a piece in your hands and say, Look. Here is a bite of fear. And here is a budding pulse of anger. Show me a quiver of desire, an overwhelming disappointment. Where do these things go when the feeling dies?

This is Mrs Wendy Carter’s story. Others’ stories intertwine as is the way with people. One truth’s weft weaves in another’s warp to make the finished fabric. I will be your escort. My real name? Hush. Not yet.

Listen to my temperate voice. I’ll make it questioning or else I’ll bring you balm. I reserve the right of free expression as do all the narrators. I am your guide, here to ease your journey. Let me murmur in your ear of things to be imagined. Let me embrace your reasoning and show you what to think. Only I can stroke away the shadows and lead you through the dark.

Hush, now. Listen. Mrs Wendy Carter is indisposed and will not speak for herself. The others speak of her and for her.

And remember, there are no liars here.

Memorizing psychological suspense story! This is just one of those books that after reading, one needs some time to digest, contemplate on the message, search for hidden meanings, and even read over a passage or two again.

What was so great about this book? First, Author Celia Micklefield's writing is so engaging, so easy to read, that it's akin to sitting in a peaceful meadow watching a river flow by. Second, the characters are so deeply real, so...human; they have their personality disorders, flaws, and desires, just like we do. Wendy, a woman who is sad and lonely because her sons have grown and have gone off to college, her mother is nutty, and her husband ignores her, creates her own private world for a time. "But she had her little secret. it made her feel warm inside and just a little bit naughty. . . . She had her own lovely world to live in. A place where there were no troubles. . . . She'd found her escape in the arms of her tender visitor who knew exactly how she liked to be touched. She had rediscovered the joys of afternoon delight on cool sheets with the window open and fresh air blowing over her skin."

Every character here had a reason to be here, in Wendy's life. And every character had a yearning, whether it is to go from lonely and forgotten to recognition, from a dull routine to a new exciting life, from a loveless marriage to a secret lover, from seeing something we've become accustomed to suddenly changes in front of our eyes. We've all been there. And often when you arrive at the other side, you may realize it's not any different. "You like to have a purpose for everything. But everything changes. Nothing stays the same."

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading psychological suspense.
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