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The Running Game

The Running Game
Rachel’s father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they’ll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they’ll always be coming for you.

On the surface, Rachel is just an ordinary doctor, trying to stay alive in war-torn London, but she has a secret. Rachel is a Reacher – wanted by the government and by the criminal underworld – for her telekinetic powers.

Charlie and his brother John had a reputation for doing the impossible. But after losing his family, Charlie is a broken mess and John is barely keeping him afloat. In desperation, they take a job from a ruthless gang lord only to discover the girl they are hunting is a Reacher – one of their own kind.

James Roxton, a conman and thief, is searching for the man who tried to kill his mother. Suddenly embroiled into the plan to kidnap Rachel, he decides he can turn things to his own advantage.

Even with the help of dangerous and dubious allies, can Rachel turn the game around and save herself?
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The Running Game by L.E. Fitzpatrick is a Wow. A dystopian future controlled by ganglords and the wealthy sets the stage for kidnap and murder. The story is fast-paced, with characters who are perfectly fitting for the setting. Reachers, people with special “powers” are both desired and outcasts in this society. I enjoy a good story. This one was a romp, fast and full of surprises. You have to read it.

Submitted by Michael R. Stern


A glimpse into the future where society has broken down and things are run more by the gangsters than the cops. A great adventure as Rachel the Reacher is being hunted by the Smith Brother who are being paid for by Pinky Morris. The problem is, the guys find out she is a Reacher and can’t hand her over to Pinky. Several stories lines are nicely linked together, with the Smith Brothers being the main characters along with Rachel.


Pinky Morris runs his empire and he wants to know who killed his brother. So much so he would offer to pay anybody anything to find this out. That’s not to say he would pay up when they deliver.


Then there is Roxy, just whose side is he on? When you figure it out, you might be wrong, but then again, maybe you were right in the first place. Lots of betrayal and mistrust as people come and go and most of them are out for what they can get.


A good read with lots of adventure, suspense and twists along the way.

Submitted by Karen Mossman


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What attracted me to the book were other people’s reviews.

The character I liked the most would be John. John seemed to have a hard exterior, quick temper, and protective nature (he is really a softy). The character I liked the least would be Pinky. Even though the author gave enough background info about him I couldn’t connect.

I liked the dynamics of the crew when Roxy, Charlie, John, and Racheal team up to work together. There wasn’t a part of the book that I disliked. I would say that it is a good read but if you’re expecting non-stop action this is not your next meaningful literary experience.

Overall, it was a moderately paced, well written, enjoyable and relaxing read.


The Running Game was fast-paced, exciting and absolute fun to read!

I loved the characters, I loved the plotline, I loved the writing style, it was just perfect. I loved Rachel with her sass, Charlie and John's sweet relationship, Roxy's being-a-jerk-ness?? and everything in between. My most favorite parts were the arguments that took place between Roxy and John. They always made me laugh.

This story brought out a lot of emotions in me. It made me laugh, gasp, giggle, scare and raised goosebumps all over my arms.

In a few words, The Running Game was absolutely awesome!
In The Running Game, the world is in shambles, cities are walled off, police are corrupt and homelessness and terrorism are rampant. We meet Rachel who works at a hospital, and has a bounty on her head, and Charles and his brother, who need money, so they nab her to turn into the big mob boss who runs the city. But Charles turns soft and changes his mind after realizing that Rachel has the same power as he does-they’re both reachers. Reachers have special powers and they are hunted so they always have to be ready to run. Charles has another motive for saving Rachel - maybe she can help him find his daughter.

Author Fitzpatrick’s style of writing is easy to read and the action in this story is nonstop. I truly enjoyed reading about what the bad guys were up to and felt I knew Charles like a best friend. I loved the ending with the promise of another book. I’ll be reading that one too to find out what happens to the characters I’ve come to know.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action and a good plot that keeps you guessing, with the author allowing you to ride the fence on making that final decision on who is good and who is the evil.

This book is set in a futuristic London, governments have failed across Europe then further. What is left is corruption, poverty and crime.

S'aven. Originally called Safe Haven. Pinky Morris is one of the crime bosses. He has his eyes set on Rachel Aaron, she is a Reacher. They are sought out for their super abilities. She has been able to hide from authorities and from those who hunt them for the bounty paid. But suddenly finds she is being stalked, she has a feeling, it has been happening for a couple of weeks now.

Charlie and John Smith have been hired by Pinky to find and follow Rachel. John is the dark and broody killing machine, his brother Charlie is the brains with past demons that haunt him.

The book is the start of a series, this is an introduction to the futuristic world, where some humans have special abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. The police force are open to bribes and are corrupt. Churches have gone underground.

This is fast paced, with a mix of mob style crime, greed and corruption. A good cast of memorable characters, with a solid plot line, and sub-plots that have mingled and twisted into a good addictive read.

I would recommend this book for people who like gritty thriller and crime. Even if you are not a fan of dystopian genres this is a great book, and well worth reading.

Having read the introductory, teaser short story Safe Haven, I was immediately attracted to the Reacher Series, hoping it would not let my expectations down. Safe Haven grabbed me instantly with relatable, yet extraordinary characters and a wonderfully relentless action pace, and I am thoroughly pleased to say the Running Game not only does not disappoint but even enhances the experience.

This paranormal thriller, dystopian yet not depressing (hmm... well, no, it offers hope throughout, trust me), revolves around an unusual group of men balancing the thin line between trying to save (or betray) a tremendously fascinating young lady named Rachel from a lunatic underworld lord, as well as the government who have been persecuting Reachers, terrified of their amazing supernatural powers. The author deals with the everlasting fear of the unknown by those trying to harness powers beyond human comprehension for a simple motive such as greed; she displays violence and oppression as their ultimate strategy, and shows us the simple, down-to-earth everyday people trying to get by day in and day out, and form semi-meaningful relationships and semblances of a normal life. I am trying to avoid spoilers here, because the plot is absolutely worth it.

An obvious master of developing characters and plots, LE Fitzpatrick is a highly promising author who engages the reader on various levels and has you rooting for one or more of them, hating and loving them at the same time. It is not easy to write about supernatural powers and/or the lowest of the lowlife and still manage to make your readers grow fond of them, but Fitzpatrick's love for her characters is completely infectious. I will not divulge my favourites, simply because there are several of them. They are all survivors, and hence the hope I mentioned earlier. The Running Game is a relentless survival story which kept me up reading. My favourite part is seeing how many of her characters' secrets the author is still keeping from us, which makes me eager to read on. Onwards to The Border Lines then!

The Running Game was a perfect title for this book. It definitely lived up to its name, and the suspense element was heavy.

The characters were well developed and the theme was unique, even down to the term "Reacher," which wasn't as fully explained as I'd hoped, but I think I got the gist of it. These people have special powers, which makes them "chosen ones," so to speak. Some have the power to heal, others can become invisible. These powers help them survive in a city being terrorized by one man--Pinky Morris--a rich, fat cat who controls most of the people and businesses in S'aven, in one way or another.

My favorite character was Roxy! He was charming and blunt, but also had a sensitive side. I was disappointed by some of the decisions he made toward the end, but the author did a good job in making sure the reader didn't completely turn against him. He didn't end up being as evil as one might suspect, despite the bad things he did.

I will say that the writing could use a polish, maybe a few commas or periods added, for clarity. It was a bit distracting at times, but the story was so good, I had to keep reading. I'm glad I did, too, because the ending was quite satisfying.

Here are a few of my favorite lines from this story:

"That's what the game is, Darcy. We run and we're chased. The trick to surviving is making sure you have taken enough away from your enemies before they come after you."

Every room, every house, every city had its exits, each taking time, each with their own set of obstacles. To win you needed to pick the best escape route. The prize - you got to stay alive.

I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good "whodunnit" because, I promise you, you won't know until the end! You'll think you know. But you'll be wrong.

I can easily see our world turning into the dystopian version that Fitzpatrick has created. It makes entirely too much sense. This story was a bit slow to build up for me, but once the characters really got involved I couldn’t put it down. The characters are well developed and the author knows how to spin a tale of human corruption and hope. The supernatural concept was interesting and intriguing and I can’t make up my mind who I would want Rachel to end up with one day. Each brother has his own pull on her and their own painful truths. I am looking forward to the next book.
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