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The Royals of Monterra: A Design for Love (Kindle Worlds Novella)

The Royals of Monterra: A Design for Love (Kindle Worlds Novella)
Maddy Whitcomb is a brilliant architect trying to make a name for herself in the all male pool of architects at Bleeker's Architectural Firm. From her domineering father to her boss who trivializes her talent, to Derek Nichols who goes out of his way to make her life miserable, men always seem to stand in her way when it comes to realizing her dreams. That is until Jason Cornish, a developer from Australia, arrives on the scene promising to make all her dreams come true.

Derek won’t admit it, not even to himself, that he is more than a little attracted to Maddy. Therefore, when it becomes obvious that Jason is determined to win Maddy’s heart no matter the cost, Derek’s protective nature slips out in spite of promising himself to never let another woman into his heart.

Will Derek open his heart in order to save Maddy or will Jason’s secret agenda to win Maddy prove too much to overcome? Will Maddy’s dreams be crushed again?

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Genres: Romance, Short reads - 90 minutes or less
Tags: Annette Spratte, Blue Bookworm
Length: 86
A design for love is a sweet, romantic read perfectly suited to pass a rainy afternoon. Gressley’s characters are well-shaped and the reader is taken into their inner turmoil and thoughts, making the development of the story plausible. There are a few twists and turns that keep the tension up and a lovely happy ending that was – although expected - very welcome.
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