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The Purloined Pictograph (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher) (Volume 2)

The Purloined Pictograph (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher) (Volume 2)
A priceless artifact is stolen, one that might change the world.

Tremain, an eccentric scientist, is looking forward to the expedition he and his nephew Christopher have been invited to observe. There are a lot of questions about the history of New Earth. Using his unique skills he hopes to help uncover the secrets of what really happened to the Mayflower people.

But then he learns the truth. Aziza, an old flame, believes the artifact indicates a weapon and wants his help to obtain it. She craves power at any cost. Sending Christopher home to alert the authorities, Tremain decides to help her... but only so he can stop her. She betrayed him once and he knows she'll do it again. He's not about to put a destructive weapon in her hands.

What they find will have them rethinking the colony planet's history. Can Tremain stop Aziza from using their past to destroy the planet's future?

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About the Book

Best Book Bit:

Tremain moved away and resumed looking around the room with keen interest. As Christopher followed his uncle with his gaze, he realized his eyes had finally adjusted to the dark interior.

“You know, Christopher, I think this was a storeroom.” He walked back to the first shelf and lifted a metallic platter, turning it in his hands. “They obviously learned metallurgy.” He replaced it, turning it slightly to fit it snug on the shelf. He moved on. “I wonder why they put this storeroom in a tower?” He examined a metal pitcher, dumping out some accumulated dust that had settled inside. “Fascinating, isn’t it? A glimpse into the past.” He replaced the pitcher and moved more assuredly through the room, keeping up a running commentary, picking up an item, examining then replacing it. He finally stopped when he made almost a full circuit of the room. There was a window just to his left. “I have to insist, we really could use more light. Like this!”

Quickly grabbing the shutter, he pulled it open, the hinges squeaking in protest. Bright sunlight flooded the room, reflecting and ricocheting off each shiny object Tremain had touched, finally hitting the goon squarely in the eyes. Grant gave a startled grunt of annoyance and stumbled into the room, shading his eyes and moving towards the window. As he reached the center of the room, there was a loud cracking sound. Tremain hugged the wall, Christopher aping his uncle as the floor gave way underneath the thug. With a cry of surprise, he fell through the crumbling wood, his feet tangling in some ropes, dragging them down with him. Tremain bent over to look deeper in the hole as Grant’s cry echoed. They heard a faint splash. “Never leave a genius in a cluttered room!” He yelled into the hole. Nodding, he wiped his hands together and turned to Christopher. “Now then, let’s get away from here.”

The Purloined Pictograph is a cute story and I think even reluctant readers will enjoy this book full of puzzles and suspense. The characters are full of life and humor and Marchion writes fluidly in an easy style to make reading fun again for elementary to middle school kids.

Marchion shows Uncle Tremain as humorous and kind, which is a nice touch in today's world of people always in a hurry with indifference to others. And he has the funniest comments (“Never leave a genius in a cluttered room!”), and you just gotta love his inventions. I also liked that his patient and thorough explanations on how things work and/or how he figured stuff out. What a genius!

His nephew Christopher sounds really cute and likeable. The author wrote him as just a normal kid, not too brainy, so I think readers will relate.

I can tell that this author found his niche and hopefully will be writing more for his fans!
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