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The Missing Yesterdays: The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher

The Missing Yesterdays: The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher
On the colony planet New Earth, Christopher loves spending time with a quirky, absent-minded scientist, his uncle Tremain. While working in the lab, they accidentally erase the colony's entire past. Can they restore history before they too fade away?
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“Looks like they’re not happy about something. I wonder what it could be?” he paused, looking at the buildings and the construction. “I’m not seeing any of the pre-fabricated housing that the colonists would have had, let alone any technology at all . . . ow, why are you poking me?”

He turned to look into the eyes of a native. Christopher was being held by another, his mouth covered by a dirty hand. Tremain paused just a moment before brightening. He stood and held out his hand.

“Why hello!” He said. The other man stared at him, not moving. Tremain pulled his hand back, slowly. “I’m Tremain, and this is Christopher.”

Despite his restraints, Christopher waved a hand. Tremain cleared his throat a little.

“Do you speak English?” He ventured. No answer. “Ah . . . Don’t know any other language you might speak.” He scratched his temple. “Um . . . take us to your leader?”

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