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The Lyncis Optima Concordat

The Lyncis Optima Concordat
The Dinarians are the bearers of two incredible gifts. It was they who first gained the ability to traverse space. As they did so, they became aware of the fact that every heavenly body, whether it be star or planet, has its own unique gravitational signature - its cosmic fingerprint, so to speak. This knowledge prompted them to depart from the use of propulsion and the vast amounts of fuel expended in travel. Each of these signatures would become the means of moving from point to point. If that signature is selected, a craft is drawn there based upon the signature without the use propulsion. As they continued to map the Lynx region of space they were able to continually expand their familiarity with the whole of the region. At the same time they observed, from a distance, those other races who would soon gain the ability to leave the surface of their worlds - to take flight. These fledgling races, upon doing so, were approached by the Dinarians with an outstretched hand of friendship. Over time, a number of different worlds gained the ability to travel space and others would also follow. The Dinarians decided that something would be needed to prevent any of the travelers from ever encroaching upon or taking advantage of any of the others. An agreement was formed and all who joined were given the secret to the Dinarians’ expertise and knowledge of the region. That is the first of the two gifts. The second is the impressive station where member worlds convene. The Lyncis Optima is the jewel of the galaxy. It was built as a gift to those member worlds and the Dinarians are the perpetual hosts. For millennia it has served and those who maintain it are privileged to do so. In circuit it visits the homes of its members and the ambassadors convene in the Great Chamber which is positioned at the nucleus of the station. Together they make up “The Lyncis Optima Concordat”.
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Length: 138
ASIN: 1537493698
ISBN: 1537493698
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