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The Little Giants as the Mysterious Six in the Tangled Case of the Ghastly Chicken Yegg (Volume 1)

The Little Giants as the Mysterious Six in the Tangled Case of the Ghastly Chicken Yegg (Volume 1)
What if what you thought was just another mystery to solve ended up being something far more important that you ever dreamed—far bigger than your mind could ever imagine? What if the King Himself, Jesus Christ, were involved in your every waking moment and leading you into incredible adventures and exploits for His glory? Well, that’s just what’s going on as the Savior helps this group of young sleuthers solve the mystery of Robyn’s disappearing chickens. He calls them His Little Giants, for that’s what they are—His powerful warriors in ‘little people suits’ who are unknowingly following His lead every step of the way. The story involves five ten-year-olds who belong to a detectives’ club and find themselves working on a new case involving missing chickens. The club is comprised of Bailey, the brainiac, who likes to read the dictionary, Jack, the gallant—who eats like a horse, Emily, the rich girl with freckles and pedicures, Dexter, the gifted maladroit and Robyn, the lover of all God’s creatures. They ‘accidently’ run into Oliver, a new kid from Great Britain who talks weird and thinks of himself as brilliant. Eventually, they invite him to try passing a test to be able to join their club. The test? Solve the mystery! They find themselves in life-threatening situations like thunderstorms, dark caves, dealing with Edgar the Terrible and having to approach the crazy man who’s rumored to eat children. While the group works out the mystery of the missing chickens, they’re also working out the issues of trust, judging and grace. Trust, by asking God for His divine intervention, judging, by listening to rumors and jumping to the wrong conclusions. And grace, by putting it into practice with Oliver, who they try not to gobsmack on a regular basis for being such a know-it-all. Mysteries abound as Jesus’ Little Giants follow His lead as they introduce the little lost British lamb to the King and uncover far more than they had bargained for!
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“Whoa,” Robyn whispered quietly as they all huddled together in the front of the cave, “it’s totally black in there. I can’t tell if there’s anything in the back or not.”

“Anything?” whispered Emily nervously. “You mean… like a bear or a mountain lion?”

“Yeah, a bear or a lion, or maybe…,” Dexter slowly whispered as he began imagining other possibilities, “a … a bunch of hungry, rabid vampire bats with two-inch-long fangs and awful-looking red eyes that are staring at our necks right now and getting ready to attack and sink their nasty teeth into our skin and start sucking.” They all gasped.

“Say,” Bailey whispered loudly, making everyone jump. “Does anybody have a flashlight?”

“I do,” Jack whispered back, “on my detective’s tool, but it doesn’t put out much light.”

“Well,” said Dexter, “I bet it beats what we have right now, which is nothing.”

Jack fished around in his pocket and finally found the detective’s tool he’d gotten in the mail for five dollars and seven cereal box tops. He fiddled around with the buttons and turned it on. He pointed it to the back of the cave and everyone let out a scream. “Aahhhh!”

There, about ten feet away looking back at them through the darkness were two shiny, horrible eyes! They all screamed as they bumped and banged into each other and ran out of the cave, in spite of the lightning and terrible storm. They all ran out except for Bailey who noticed, in spite of the chaos, that Jack had dropped his flashlight. She reached down, grabbed it, and was just getting ready to take off when she heard the horrible thing cough. Not a nasty, wretched cough or a loud, wicked, cackly cough but a squeaky, puny cough that made her stop in her tracks. She couldn’t recall ever reading about giant bats coughing, so she slowly turned around. Even though her hands were shaking, she shone the light toward the sound and took a more careful look at those shiny, horrible eyes.

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