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The Lilac Princess

The Lilac Princess
In the faraway land of Rael, she is a well-mannered princess who loves her parents, her friends and those around her castle's village. Yet Princess Dreama imagines what life would be like outside the safety of the castle walls. She gets that desired chance through an escape plan with a villager boy, Dirk, which turns into the biggest adventure of their lives in author Wanda Luthman's new juvenile fiction book, The Lilac Princess. Dreama gets to experience life away from her princess duties, but finds life is not what she expects, especially when an evil dragon captures her.

Though the king's knights seek to find the princess, it is up to Dirk to rescue Dreama and restore order to the kingdom. The juvenile fairy tale combines adventure with lessons on forgiveness, relationships and courage for children, which will inspire all ages to seek the big adventure in their own lives.
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Genres: Children's Chapter Books, Short reads - 90 minutes or less
Tags: Book Trailers, Gold Bookworm, Lily Kate H., Megan S.
Length: 52
ASIN: 1498412254
ISBN: 1498412254
I liked everything about this book, especially how Princess Dreama wanted to have an adventure outside the palace walls. Princess Dreama was my favorite character. I liked her independence and how she got the adventure she wanted. My favorite part is when Dirk helped Princess Dreama escape from the palace. I would recommend this book to my friends because it is amazing.
The title of this book caught my attention because it's about a princess and I love things about princesses. The story was a bit slow at first but it became more interesting when the dragon appeared.

My favorite character was Dirk because he was so sweet to Dreama by helping her escape from the castle. He was a true hero.

There really was nothing that I didn't like about this book. I think my best friend Madeline would love it and I'm going to tell her about it!

I give this book a Gold Bookworm!
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