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The Kiss: The Cotiere Chronicles #1

The Kiss: The Cotiere Chronicles #1
The Nachhaltig have lived among ordinary humans for centuries, but an ancient grudge has driven them to the brink of extinction. It will take the bravery of a new generation to reverse the damage done, and sacrifices must be made in order to gain and maintain unity among the Cotiere scattered across the globe. All it will take is one kiss to start the revolution.

Leisel has been groomed for her upcoming bonding to the man the Cotiere has chosen for her, but a birth defect has left her unable to complete the bonding ritual. Her hopes that going away to college will unlock her natural instincts are shattered by a surprise encounter with a man named Koen. A man whose very existence challenges everything she ever knew to be true.

Though his people are dwindling and he is facing a young death, Koen pursues his music career and clings to the fading hope that he will meet the woman he was uniquely created for. When Leisel's voice echoes from behind a curtain, he is drawn into a dangerous plan to save not only their relationship, but their entire race.

Newly updated and re-edited. The Kiss is a clean urban fantasy with a paranormal twist.

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