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The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope
What if advances in artificial intelligence, combined with mystical elements found in the earth, could produce inexplicable images of the future? Harold Donaldson unwillingly becomes the custodian of a beautiful, handcrafted kaleidoscope that changes the viewer’s future and becomes the focus of evil operatives intent on capturing the kaleidoscope for nefarious purposes.

Brilliant but socially inept, Harold has distanced himself from any connection to his dysfunctional childhood. Abandoned by a father accused of his mother’s death, Harold trusts no one until the ’scope forces him to accept a circle of friends he must rely on. To protect all their lives from imminent danger, Harold must discover the source of the ’scope’s mysterious powers. Just as he is on the verge of learning how it works and why his past connects to his future, he must face disturbing truths he’s run from all his life.
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About the Book

Best Book Bit:

She yanked off the scarf and dropped it into his lap, climbed up on the bench and began leaping from one bench to the next, her sandals slapping the concrete.

Harold was afraid she would slip and fall, and wondered whether he should first call someone, or check her for ABC’s if she did. But she jumped lightly, a sprite among the forest of potted birds of paradise. Airway, breathing, c…what was the C for?

“I’ve always wanted to do this! Haven’t you?” Where the benches were too far apart, Pepper scissor-kicked to the ground and danced. Harold could breathe as long as she was safely on the ground, her arms aloft, her body swaying. Then she would leap up again, the sun reflecting off bald spots between shags of spirally hair. And she laughed. Not a scary, maniacal sound, but a child-like whiffle that whisked Harold back to the elementary school when Edna Velasquez had tried to jump around the lunchroom but fell and broke her arm when she slipped in pudding. Harold was the only one Edna didn’t pester to sign her cast. Circulation. That was what C stood for.

Pepper collapsed next to him, panting, her caramel skin aglow. She was a china doll with kewpie lips and taffy-pulled earlobes. “That felt good, Harry.” She dabbed at her upper lip with the scarf, a tiny rattle in her breath. “You should dance more. We should all dance more.”

The warmth from her body awoke something in him that had long been dormant. Confused emotions tangled somewhere in his soul, and he met her gaze.

“What makes you dance, Harry? What stirs your soul?”

She’d dared to pull at the thread he’d buried underneath years of proving himself worthy, smart. Sane. “I find satisfaction in my work.”

“And what is that? No, wait. Let me guess. You’re a Pez-head designer. No, a sign spinner for discount plastic surgeons. I could use one of those by the way.”

He knew better than to acknowledge her cosmetic surgery remark. Honest answers to conversations beginning with “Am I pretty enough?” and “I’m thinking of getting work done” had never gone well with Georgia. “I’m a fraud investigator.”

Tags: Gold Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 273
The Kaleidoscope would usher in a new age.

How did it become this prophetic tool?

A kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflection. Multiple reflection by two or more reflecting surfaces has been known since the 1500’s and possible earlier than that. Kaleidoscopes are commonly known to be a child’s toy, but most people are fascinated by the colorful transparent shapes that create beautiful patterns.

Author Nault gives us a well-written page-turning story with memorable characters that operates like a kaleidoscope itself. The plot keeps turning and the beautiful story patterns will fascinate and dazzle the reader.

The story begins with Harold. Harold hides from the world and lives a cold, ordered life. But, a few of the shapes turn and reflect and soon, Harold has a different take on life, because of his new friends. Pepper is a charming woman battling cancer, with a perky dog. Rashan is a colorful co-worker. And then there’s Harold’s father.

Harold has a painful past and mystery continues to surround him. He and his friends are drawn into the ever-changing visions of his life. The plot involves Artificial Intelligence and advances against cyber terrorism, as well as matters of faith and mysticism. The author has dedicated this book to “anyone brave enough to face their future, no matter their past.”

I bonded with the characters, and enjoyed the fast-paced yet, thoughtful story. I liked that part of the story takes place in Yosemite. I also enjoyed this piece of knowledge:

Did you realize that only 66 years passed between Orville and Wilbur’s test flight at Kitty Hawk and the manned moon landing?

Readers will lose themselves in this creative and engaging story which I highly recommend.
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