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The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories

The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories
"...a great book full of short stories, when you read one, you can't wait to get to the next!" - Audrey #AMAZON

"...highly recommend it to serious readers and fans of short stories. All in all, a pretty great read!" - Amazon Customer

Featuring thirteen new stories by the award-winning author of There Is A Reaper, this wide-ranging collection is about fathers and sons, gods and demi-gods, and other assorted beings both macabre and sublime. Passion blossoms between unusual bedfellows, and in unique circumstances. Newly created worlds abound, exploring depths of pain and loss and boundless joy. Gods and mythological creatures are joined in epic battle, and we confront the strange hungers that bind man and his creations in forbidden love.

Each of these tales will surprise you with twists that are certain to please. From the sublime to the macabre to the bitter-sweet, The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed will leave you breathless with laughter, brimming with tears, trembling with suspense.
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(Excerpt from “East of East of Eden” story in The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed collection by Michael Lynes)

SOUNDLESS. . .A ZEPHYR BREATHED ACROSS the pristine mountain lake. Gray mists curled above the shallows, blending into the trees. A white doe lowered her head to drink, her flanks rosy in the level beams of dawn.

A lone mayfly settled on the water’s surface, ripples radiating outward.

Sensing the disturbance, a trout darted forward. It rose beneath the mayfly and leapt, snowy jaws open wide. Too late, she beat down with her diaphanous wings. The hungry fish burst from the water, eyes focused on its quarry.

Suddenly the air blazed with pure light. A brilliant star blossomed between predator and prey. The surface of the lake sparkled, each drop of water reflecting the silvery radiance.

The trout was transfixed, suspended in hands of light. It wriggled once, and then lay still. The mayfly fluttered, circling her head. Its wings turned to fire as they caught the sunrise.

With a caress, she laid the trout back into the sparkling water. It slid from her hands and vanished with a languid flick of its tail. Across thewater, her eyes met those of the doe as it stood and gazed at her. She laughed out loud for pure joy. I am alive, she thought, and I am in love!

Eve spread her arms wide, throwing rainbows in every direction. She twirled above the water, her delicate toes barely raising a ripple. She felt more complete and whole than she ever had in her existence. “Adam,” she breathed, luxuriating in the sound of his name, the way it sounded when she whispered it.

Sudden concern struck her. Adam! He must still be in peril! she thought, eyes flashing. I must save him from Lucifer, and together we must retrieve what he stole from me!

Bowing her head, she willed herself to the center of her garden.



Genres: Short reads - 90 minutes or less, Short Stories & Anthologies
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Length: 217
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