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The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories

The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories
"...a great book full of short stories, when you read one, you can't wait to get to the next!" - Audrey #AMAZON

"...highly recommend it to serious readers and fans of short stories. All in all, a pretty great read!" - Amazon Customer

Featuring thirteen new stories by the award-winning author of There Is A Reaper, this wide-ranging collection is about fathers and sons, gods and demi-gods, and other assorted beings both macabre and sublime. Passion blossoms between unusual bedfellows, and in unique circumstances. Newly created worlds abound, exploring depths of pain and loss and boundless joy. Gods and mythological creatures are joined in epic battle, and we confront the strange hungers that bind man and his creations in forbidden love.

Each of these tales will surprise you with twists that are certain to please. From the sublime to the macabre to the bitter-sweet, The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed will leave you breathless with laughter, brimming with tears, trembling with suspense.
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Genres: Short reads - 90 minutes or less, Short Stories & Anthologies
Tag: Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 217
ASIN: 1938812905
ISBN: 1938812905
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