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The Falstaff Vampire Files

The Falstaff Vampire Files
Psychologist Kris Marlow doesn't believe in vampires -- until a silver-tongued rogue rises out of a coffin at dusk, introduces himself as Sir John Falstaff, and hypnotizes her into letting him taste her blood.

Kris's best friend Vi, who writes vampire romances, jumps at the chance to interview a real vampire. Fellow psychologist and paranormal cult expert Bram von Helsing also would love to meet an actual vampire. Kris remains skeptical, thinking she's just encountered one of San Francisco's many sanity-challenged individuals.

Then in an attack of spine-tingling horror a horde of murderous monsters descend on the San Francisco neighborhood. Faced with creatures that kill with a single glance, Kris and everyone she cares about must fight for their lives. But how?

In this dark fantasy with urban paranormal attitude, the only chance of survival for Kris and her friends is to seek help from the biggest bad boy in tavern-haunting history, who once drank ale and now drinks only blood—Sir John Falstaff, undead and misbehaving in San Francisco.
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About the Book

“Murray (Bride of the Living Dead) combines rich storytelling with humor to spin a fun, exciting tale.” (Library Journal)

“Can you really take Shakespeare and Stoker and create something original? This book does! Although novices to the vampire and vampiric parody fields will find the work a laugh-a-minute, people who have some familiarity with Dracula and the works of Shakespeare will find this even more wonderful. Written in Dracula’s journal style, but updated, the work name-drops like no one’s business, is clever and punny, as well as extremely aware of the meta nature of vampiric literature. In addition, it adds new elements to the vampiric mythos.” (Fresh Fiction)

“There’s ample fun to be found in The Falstaff Vampire Files, which posits a cozy alliance of San Francisco humans and vampires against a far more evil force which equally terrifies them both. Lynne Murray’s subtle, generous sense of humor and deft characterization skills result in a cast readers will feel happy having spent time with, particularly the vampire of the title, a refugee from Shakespearean times who turns out, in his own unkempt and boisterous way, to be every lonely single woman’s fondest dream.” (Andrew Fox, author of Fat White Vampire Blues, Bride of the Fat White Vampire, & The Good Humor Man: Or, Calorie 3501).

Tags: Green Bookworm, Jennifer MacKenzie
Length: 284
For me, the book was very hard to get into at first. It wasn’t until about halfway that I would consider myself “drawn” into the book. Im not a fan of books that are written to where each chapter is a different characters perspective. Its hard for me to follow that way.

My favorite character was Vi. I felt like I could relate to her and loved her spunk (and of course related to her love of cats!). I was really bummed out when she had to be turned into a vampire or die.

My least favorite was Hal. He was just annoying! The whole obsession with being a vampire, while at the same time being a womanizer! And he didn’t seem to be able to accept his own fate. Whether with the cheating, or with the inability to be a vampire.

I really liked the part of the story where they held “night court” to determine the fates of the characters in the book. I felt it was climactic and was really what drew me into the story. I was interested to see what they would decide, as well as find out how the characters would get rid of “the Others”. Some parts were a little cheesy, but I feel like everything needs a little “cheese” in it, to break up the seriousness.

My least favorite part was anything with Sir John. I just felt like he was a pointless character and very dry.

I would probably not recommend this to a friend simply because it was very hard to get sucked into and took a long time before it got interesting.
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