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The Cornish Knot (The PastFinders Book 1)

The Cornish Knot (The PastFinders Book 1)
She sought solace; she found confusion.

Megan was at her lowest ebb on the anniversary of her husband’s death when a mysterious parcel arrived. Intrigued by the exquisite journal written in the early years of the 20th century by an unknown hand, she travels to Cornwall in search of its history - and a new life.

Shocked by what she learns, Megan follows the journal to Paris and then Florence in search of her family history. She becomes entangled with the world of art and exposes secrets that change her life. Along the way, she finds new family and forges new friendships, but will she ever find love again?

The PastFinders stories set in New Zealand, Cornwall and Italy.
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These are stand-alone titles. 

A modern book with historical aspects in it. Megan and her family is recovering from the death of her husband when she finds out about relatives from far in the past. She gets to travel while exploring things from long ago from a diary. She meets new friends and family.

I enjoyed the story and the closeness of family. I enjoyed the writing of Vicky Adin, love discovering authors new to me. This book is first in a series and I plan on checking out the other books.
The Cornish Knot is the first book in the PastFinders series. History, family, love and renewal are the essence of the four books in the series.

What will we learn about the past? What we learn about ourselves?

The story begins in the present, as we meet the main character, Megan. She is in her fifties and has recently lost her beloved husband. Formerly a capable and loving wife and mother, she is now in a dark place. Her life in the present changes when she receives a letter from a Cornish attorney that opens the door to her past.

The attorney’s letter has revealed that Megan appears to be the long-last heir to the Trevallyan fortune, according to the will of Constance, her great-great Aunt. But Megan must satisfy some requirements first. The author tells Megan’s story in the third-person, with a few diary entries from Megan and Megan’s great-grandmother, Isabel, the older sister of Constance.

Megan must “find” Isabel and honor her memory. Isabel was last known to have lived in New Zealand. How did a proper young English lady end up so far from home? This quest brings Megan back to life. According to Isabel’s diary, Isabel Trevallyan embarked on a European Tour- a trip of a lifetime in 1910. One hundred years later, Megan decides, “This will be a story of her life and my life.” Megan decides to retrace Isabel’s European trip and starts by going to Cornwall. The book presents vivid scenes of life there, as well as in Paris, Italy, and New Zealand. The story also includes Megan’s children and their struggles and dreams.

Somewhere along the line Isabel’s journey had become of secondary importance. She had learned so much from her year of discovery. Megan has learned about her past, has recreated her present, and worked with her children to create a future.

Constance and Isabel, the “PastFinders” of this book are compelling. To me, Constance worked to survive in a man’s world and run the family house and business. Isabel did not seem as strong - she seemed capricious, like a butterfly dancing with art and men.

The author notes that she is particularly fascinated by the 19th Century pioneers who undertook hazardous journeys to find a better life. The women, especially, needed strength of mind as well as body to survive, let alone flourish in a strange new land. For the same reasons, I enjoy historical fiction and I appreciated this thoughtful and well-told story. The author writes with a clear, melodic voice. Highly recommend.

The package Megan receives on the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death encourages her to step out of her comfort zone and go on a journey in search of the family she never knew. During her journey she’ll find out some surprising things from her son and learn some exciting and unexpected things from the family she never knew she had.

I think you will really enjoy learning about the women in Megan's family Julia, Isabel, and Constance as she follows the footsteps of the young woman who wrote the journal. And what else she finds at the end of her journey.

I would definitely recommend this book if you like stories with an insight into the past through writings from the individuals who lived it. And there is a little delve into the history of the art world in this one as well.
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