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The Angel Experiment

The Angel Experiment
Ten strangers. Two pills a day. And one alien angel with a ticking clock. And so the angel experiment begins.

The chosen ten, drawn together by a shape-shifting newspaper ad, all want something desperately.

When they gather at the home of the mysterious Dr. Nathan Gold and Myrus Golgochan, they’re offered something none of them can pass up—a one-time chance at a better version of themselves.

No loneliness. No stutter. No addiction. No anger. No dead-end career. No soul-killing despair.

Whatever has been keeping them from living the lives they’ve always wanted will be wiped out by two pills a day.

Or so Nathan and Myrus promise.

When the ten strangers decide to take a chance on this strange proposition, they have no idea that change has a ripple effect, and that the world will never be the same.

But as the ancient maxim says, beware of getting what you wish for.
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Tags: Blue Bookworm, Traci Sanders
Length: 416
ASIN: 1634912152
ISBN: 1634912152
The title and cover for this book pulled me in right away, as did the first few pages. I was immediately intrigued by the theme of the story. Typically a novel like this will start off a bit slow and then pick up in the middle or toward the end. This one, however, moved at a steady pace in some parts and fell flat in others.

I was impressed by the author’s idea for this story. Basically, ten people are given the chance to have anything they could ever want, if they only take a certain pill a few times per day. Who hasn’t wished for that at least once in his/her life?

The characters were introduced as individual beings, living their own lives. However, the author wove their existence together in an impressive way that further solidified the notion that we are all connected to each other by just a few people in this world. It was interesting to watch all the characters’ lives intertwine, though a few things about these people pulled me out of the story at times.

First, there were a lot of characters to keep up with. I understand the author’s purpose for including all of them, but it took me a while to get each of their individual stories straight in my head. Also, this book was categorized as a sci-fi/fantasy title, so I wasn’t expecting many of the elements that were found within–or at least, to the extent that they were incorporated. I enjoy a good sexual innuendo or sex scene as much as anyone. Heck, I write them! But I didn’t expect to find so many in a book from this genre. Some scenes were pertinent to the story, but others seemed to be content fillers. A mild warning or heads up about the sexual content and language would have been nice. Again, I’m no prude, but these were simply more graphic than I had expected in a novel of this genre. (In a book about angels and aliens, would one even fathom the mention of a threesome?)

If some of these elements were cut, I think the story would have flowed better.

Though there were a few POV issues and grammatical errors, I’m giving this novel a BLUE Bookworm because the story theme was intriguing enough for me to finish it, and the characters were well developed and easy to relate to. I do hope the author takes these suggestions into consideration for future works because the writing in some parts of this story was quite compelling.
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