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Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still (Reflections of Love Book 2)

Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still (Reflections of Love Book 2)

As Destaina, a bright and talented young woman, strolls away from listening to an incredible love story; why does she feel the urge to run into the arms of her married lover? With her future in question does she desperately need to be held and cuddled in an unattainable but tightly woven web of lies and deceit?

She questions the motives of Rachelle who shared her tale of love and loss only to confuse Destaina. Why did Rachelle, who Destaina recently met, care so much about who Destaina loves? There was something mysterious in her tone as Rachelle swept her into her own love triangle. Rachelle was too insistent Destaina listen to her story and advised Destaina to run from the love she had found in Harry? Why would she care?

Questioning every inch of herself, Destaina finds herself searching for the answers she had asked during her life. Why hadn’t her mother told her about her father? Who and where is her father and why is he avoiding her? She has so many questions and in her quest to find out, Destaina embarks on a dangerous journey of past lies and deceit.

During the stormy trek to her past; Destaina might lose the future she wants. Which is more important to her, her lover or her past? Can she live without knowing or will this knowledge destroy all she holds close to her heart?

Destaina will see Rachelle again only to find she is more of a friend than she ever thought possible. How did she not see the truth before when she had it in front of her in the guise of a mistress? Lies are abundant in this tale in Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still by Arline Miller.

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“She deserved happiness or did she?”

This book is a tapestry of love and tragedy. It is the sequel to A Mistress a Wife. I encourage readers to start with the first book- it’s a wonderful read- and then read book 2. In this second book of a planned series, we learn more about the intertwined lives of the characters we met in the earlier book. This is a character driven book and all of the characters are searching for love amidst lies. “She felt like the princess who had been locked in the tower without understanding why.”

In book 1 we cried through the story of the love for all eternity of Dave and Rachelle. Book 2 focuses more on the younger friend of Rachelle, Destaina. Destaina is seeking to learn who had stolen her life from her. Both Rachelle and Destaina must fight to shine the light on the darkness of years of lies that threaten their journeys to love and life.

Rachelle thought sometimes lies and secrets were best left in wooden boxes. I have to agree with Rachelle. Author Miller writes with a lyrical and literary voice but the lies and secrets in this book are disturbing and dark. This is not a frilly rom com; it is a story colored by grief and sorrow, brightened by glimpses of love and hope. “I have to walk this road alone until I recognize the direction of my heart.”

While there are some lovely descriptions of gourmet meals and romance, much of the story takes place through dialogue and inner thoughts. The Author is a master at creating characters that you will remember and care about. Enjoy this intriguing story!
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