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Mystery writer Roger McDermitt is in a rut until a local serial killer murders six men in six months.

The police are convinced the serial killer is a woman, which fascinates Roger. He nicknames her “Tease”, and is determined to make her the central character in his next novel.

When Roger meets the mysterious Tess Galloway at his local bar, he believes he has finally met a woman he can fall in love with. He’s shocked at how perfect they are for each other. But he knows no one is ever what they seem, including himself.

Then the terrible dreams begin. Roger has always had the gift of channeling the dreams of people he was closest to, but he has never had violent and disturbing dreams like these before. They are from the viewpoint of Tease, and they terrify Roger with their brutality and rage. He can’t decide if he’s channeling the dreams of Tess or if he’s going crazy. But he must know.

This is the beginning to a novel about love, obsession and madness. Tease is part thriller, part love story, and part supernatural fiction. It will intrigue and haunt you from the first page to the last.
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Tags: Blue Bookworm, Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Gold Bookworm, Luciana Correa, Sandra Burns
Length: 416
ASIN: 1632632616
ISBN: 1632632616
Loved the book, great cover art. Depicted what the overall subject would be, and fit the material. Liked the characters and the fact that Roger could tell things via dreams. (I do also, have since I was a child). Loved the song references, like "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads.

Loved Tess, she was so sweet. I figured out pretty quickly that MPD or dual personality was part of this. I didn't like the ending, but understand why it was necessary. It was the right thing to do.

Keep writing!
Tease-an action that can bring forth a load of trouble-is also the name of Glenda Fain's story.

Roger is a mystery author and his town becomes the home of an authentic thriller as a serial killer haunts the tall blond men. . Murders, harsh and brutal, pop up with unpredictable but diminishing intervals and the police has no clue.

In this scenario, he meets and falls in love with a gentle woman-Tess. He is not blind to the danger around the corner, but he is not blond. Every serial killer follows a pattern, right? Roger, even if not sure of the pattern thing, decides against his instincts, and plunges into his growing passion for Tess.

Although, the writer has a prophetic ability-he can dream the dreams of another individual. All over the book he argues against it, pretending it's only a fabrication of his mind. He lies to himself until he turns into the spectator of manslaughter.

The police is out of question. How can a mystery writer tell a detective he dreamed the murder without finding himself a place behind bars? Teasing danger, Roger goes deeper into the death investigation, until his personal life mixes up with the female killer. Roger has to make a decision-embrace his sweet Tess and ignore all that he knows about the Raven, the serial killer intimately associated with his girlfriend, or otherwise be sensitive to avoid the demise of other men?

Full of emotional tension, Tease is a novel about unconditional love and tough choices in life. The mystery topic is a small grain of salt sprinkled over the story.

The most important is the questioning about love, civil obligation, individual gains, prejudice, fear of rejection, and sexual abuse of children.
I was immediately attracted to “Tease” by Glenn Fain because the story is about a suspected female serial killer. Female serial killers are a rarity and the idea of creating one as the central character in a book is compelling.

Fain builds his story around mystery writer Roger McDermitt who hasn’t had a successful book in years and Tess Galloway, a beautiful woman he meets in a local bar. After surviving a painfully failed relationship he has played the field until meeting Tess, a woman he is immediately mesmerized by.

Meanwhile, McDermitt is following the killings of six men, one a month for the past six months. Fascinated by the possibility there is a female serial killer on the loose he decides to write a book about the crimes and names the murderer “Tease” although she is commonly known as the Black Widow.

As McDermitt becomes more intimately involved with Tess his own secret is revealed. While in college he discovered he had the ability to channel the dreams of people he is close to. Suddenly he is dreaming violent events as seen through the eyes of the woman he calls Tease. Suspecting the love of his life may actually be a crazed serial killer he determines he must learn the truth without revealing his fears.

Fain carefully builds his characters, giving them solid backgrounds and believable experiences. While the dialogue is sometimes clumsy, McDermitt’s self examination reads well. As the intensity grows, his terror is palpable. While Tess seems almost too good to be true, “Tease” is a beautifully evil character whose motivation is clearly defined.

In spite of many grammatical and spelling errors this book is easy to read. With additional editing it could be great. The suspense is successfully built and even though the outcome is predictable it is an enjoyable story. Be prepared for some graphic sexual situations and language which are appropriate to the nature of the book. This is a book for those who enjoy a love story with dark corners and a satisfying if expected conclusion.
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