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Taya Bayliss – Code Breaker

Taya Bayliss – Code Breaker
This is the third book in the Taya Bayliss series of mid-grade mystery/adventures from author E. J. Gore. The Bayliss family are on the move again, this time to Narralong, home of the famous Splinter Island Bird Sanctuary. Taya's father is there to investigate a change in the breeding habits of the native birds, or so he says. A recurring dream, a series of lies and the discovery of a body on the beach lead Taya to suspect that her father is involved in something far more serious.
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A wonderfully written mystery adventure for readers. This short read is one I highly recommend, for young readers. The author does a wonderful job keeping the adventure flowing and intriguing clues boggling the mind. The addition of reading comprehension is an educational treat.
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