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Taming James (Unexpected Emotion Book 2)

Taming James (Unexpected Emotion Book 2)
James Wyley is a ladies’ man, always looking for the next good time. Liv Hughes has sworn off love, knowing firsthand how painful it can be.

Forced to work together, they forge a tentative friendship that erupts into a heated affair.

As their relationship grows, doubts and fears surface, causing tension that can’t be ignored. And when an explosive discovery rocks their world, James and Liv must make a decision.

Will they allow old wounds to tear them apart? Or fight for their one chance at true love?
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Taming James (excerpt one)

Alyssa watched Liv smile back, and realization dawned. With a wicked grin, she pulled Liv aside as Walt invited James to sit down.

“You’re sleeping with him,” Alyssa whispered.

“Alyssa,” Liv hissed. “Why would you say that?”

Her eyes, so like Liv’s, danced with amusement. “You can tell when two people are sleeping together. Tell me, tell me all the details. Is he good? I bet he’s good. He has that look about him.”

Liv just stared.

“Oh, come on. This is the first man you’ve slept with. I know you have to be dying to tell someone.”

She was. She took a deep breath and expelled it with a smug little laugh. “He’s good,” she admitted. “He makes me wonder why I waited so long. And he has the most fantastic hands.”

Alyssa clamped a hand over her mouth to contain her mirth. “I want to know more. When was the first time you did it? Where do you do it? How do you do it?”

“The night of the concert,” Liv replied, ticking off the answers to Alyssa’s questions on her fingers. “In bed, against the wall, on the table. And once against the front door because we just couldn’t wait. How? Oh my God, all different kinds of how.”

Alyssa hooted. “My, my. I’m hot just hearing about it. You’ve certainly jumped in with both feet. You’ve been busy this week.”

Liv grinned. “James says I’m a fast learner.”

Alyssa couldn’t stop the laugh from rolling out, and Liv joined in. It felt good to brag a little.


Taming James (excerpt 2)

Glenda sent him a fond smile and sipped her tea. “Yes. And when you grew up and moved out, the house became too quiet. Now, with Elizabeth hinting that her man may rise above boyfriend level, it makes me remember the old days a little more.”

“Ah, Mum. Don’t be sad.” James nudged her with his shoulder. “I’m still single.”

Glenda gave him a sideways glance. “I know. I also know how fast you manage to go through women.” She let out a quiet snicker when James flushed.

“I’m not careless with them, Mum. We always part as friends.” He paused. “I cannot believe we’re having this conversation.”

“No, you’re not careless. You’re too kind for that. You have your father’s personality, as well as his looks.” Her fingers traced the smiling man in the photograph in front of her.

“That was our last holiday with him,” James mumbled. “It wasn’t long after that when he got sick.”

“It was a tough time,” Glenda commented. “Cancer is a horrible thing.”

“He was brave. So were you. I wasn’t,” James admitted. “I was scared the whole time he was sick. And heartbroken when he died.”






Taming James is about Liv and James. They are accountants and co workers. They have an attraction to each other. James is scared of commitment and Liv has a broken heart. They have to learn to let their guard down to trust each other and fall in love again.

I love how Beth Hale writes a story. She doesn't overwhelm you with information. She gives you enough to know the story and characters. Her stories all flow easily and are great reads.

James is a perfect British gentleman and you can see how any woman could fall for his charm. Liv is like most women who have been heartbroken. Trusting another person and letting your heart go through that again is so hard. Her trust extends not just to a man, but to others that have betrayed her.

I recommend this story and can't wait to read more by this author.
Liv (Olivia) has transferred to London to escape a broken heart, James is a ladies man that works in the same office. The two of them wind up on a difficult account together and both slowly change for the better.

I enjoyed watching Liv come out of her shell and James falling for one woman. The pace of going from coworkers to friends to lovers was perfect. Nothing was rushed, each level of their relationship was fleshed out well before they took the next step.

This was my second book by Beth Hale and I really like her writing style. She paces situations perfectly, nothing is rushed or hurried along. Her characters are very down to earth and meet each and every challenge head on.

Well written, lighthearted, fun, realistic read.
The truth is this: I'm now addicted to Beth Hale's writing!

I said in my previous reviews that I loved her writing and this book did not disappoint me, quite the contrary, I was so clinging to the story that it only took me one day to read it all. I love the fact that this book was also written in the third person and I devoured the plot. In short, I loved everything from the cover to the acknowledgements.

Taming James is the second book in the Unexpected Emotion series that I've read, and like the first book, this story is inspiring and captivating.

This book portrays the story of Liv and James.

Liv is a beautiful and determined woman who has chosen to move away from her homeland to start a new life from scratch, far from everything and everyone. She wants to be happy but for this to happen, she has to figure out how to do that. She’s an accountant and works in the same company as James. She doesn't want to admit it but James awakens something inside of her.

James is a free and indomitable spirit, who loves to have fun and have a beautiful woman to spend a good time with, but with no commitments. For him life has to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. He is a renowned accountant and very good at his job. Something about the beautiful Liv bothers him but he cannot understand why.

Will we encounter an intense love story? Can a lie become truth? Can we find love hidden between the lines?

When I read the first book in this series I was drawn to James and wanted to know more about him. In this book readers get to know him better, discover his way of life, his fears and phobias. We explore his silliness but we also see more of his serious side.

There's a fine line between friendship and love and when we are too stubborn to admit our feelings sometimes life doesn’t go the way we had planned it. Unfortunately we are often so stubborn that we don't realize what we have until we lose it, and sometimes it's too late to rectify the situation.

This book mainly explores the path of friendship and love. Of course, not everything is a bed of roses, because there are always changes and unexpected events. The surprise factor is very present in this plot and the hot scenes add plenty of spice to the story.

When I finished reading this series I felt a void so big because I loved the characters and I wanted more.

And now, Beth Hale? How do I solve this void? I want more of your books because I've loved everything I've read. I give this amazing book the gold worm!
Taming James by Beth Hale is a story about moving forward after betrayal, and healing emotional scars that run deep and are kept hidden away. In the story, Liv, a Tennessee native making a new start in London, lets down the walls that have protected her for years and takes a chance by opening her heart to a new love. As she navigates the stormy seas of the new relationship, she doesn’t realize that James, a co-worker, has walls of his own. Liv struggles with whether putting her heart on the line is worth it, and separately, they realize that coming to terms with their pasts is the only way to move into the future.

The characters in this story lack the charisma that one would expect in a romance. I found it difficult to connect to them, and attribute that in part to not having read previous books in this series. As a standalone, it lacked the hook that I would expect to whisk me away and make me cheer this couple on. The idea that a daughter of a preacher from the South who was a 26 year old virgin and once engaged to a lead guitarist in a rock band, was not realistic to me. Also, the dialogue sounded forced, and not natural. In fact, I found myself at times noticing it was robotic and without feeling, distracting me from the message. The couple had chemistry, but the dialogue between them never showed sparks.

I applaud the author for wanting to please her audience, tying up loose ends on characters that previous readers obviously loved (she mentions the book was written after receiving so many requests for James’ story), but I’m not convinced either character has the charisma to carry new readers into the series.

The premise of the story is interesting, and while I read, I wanted to know the outcome. I did end up cheering for a happy ending, but I’ll not spoil the outcome. You’ll have to find that out on your own.
“Taming James (Unexpected Emotion Book 2)” by Beth Hale

Let me begin by saying this is the second book I’ve read by author Beth Hale and she is fast becoming my favorite romance writer. In her book “Taming James” she once again creates characters that are so vibrant they seem to step off the pages.

“Taming James” follows Liv (Olivia) Hughes as she pursues her career in London, England. Having left her home in Knoxville, Tennessee because of something traumatic that occurred, she moves to her company’s office overseas. An accountant, she is working on a project with her co-worker James Wylie, who is known as a “ladies man” around the office. Although he subtly expresses an interest in her, she is resistant. This is the first indication she might have an unhappy romance in her past.

As they become friendlier Liv relaxes enough to allow James to become part of her life, though not as a lover. When she returns to Tennessee to visit her family she invites James to accompany her. He meets her parents, her father is a Southern Baptist minister, her sister Alyssa, and her nephew Dylan.

Hale describes her settings in vivid detail. In Knoxville, Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains she targets all the tourist attractions with complete accuracy. The easy going relationship between Liv and James is a pleasure compared to many romances where the central characters leap into a physical relationship immediately.

“Taming James” is a delightful story I enjoyed so much I read it in two hours. Realistic dialogue, a solid plot, and a satisfying conclusion make this a winner. I highly recommend it to any reader who appreciates a good romance and an easy read. Undoubtedly you will become a fan of Beth Hale’s too.
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