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Talking Tales: Sam’s Sticky Sucker

Talking Tales: Sam’s Sticky Sucker
Sam has dreamed all night about his strawberry sucker. When morning arrives, he is unable to resist sneaking downstairs to eat his sucker before breakfast. But when mom comes toward the room and Sam is forced to run back to bed, he loses track of his sticky strawberry sucker. Now where could that sticky strawberry sucker have gone? Will Sam find the sucker before his mom? This funny story is a great tool for any parent or speech therapist. It provides over 170 examples of the “s” sound in various word locations and blends to increase speech development. This book also includes tips for parents who are working with their child’s speech at home.
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Genre: Children's Picture Books
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Kindle Unlimited Titles, Traci Sanders
Length: 28
This book is a masterpiece by Erica Graham. Her knowledge of consonant sounds and sound blends is made apparent in this appropriately illustrated children's book.

The alliteration in this book reminded me of Dr. Seuss style, which I love. As an early childhood educator for many years, I wish I'd had this book in my hands when some of my preschoolers were struggling with their "s" sounds and blends. It would have been an invaluable tool. And I love the way the author ends the book abruptly, as somewhat of a mystery for little ones to solve, even though the adult readers will know exactly what happened.

I highly recommend parents and caregivers grab this book for your preschooler if he or she is having trouble with "s" sounds. It helps to model the various sounds by showing the child where the tongue should be placed when creating the "s" sounds and blends, but this book would be a fun tool to reinforce and practice these skills with any child.

I highly recommend it!
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