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Talking Tales: Cricket’s Guitar

Talking Tales: Cricket’s Guitar
When Teri hears a small voice calling her, she never would have guessed who she would meet…a cricket! But not just any cricket. This cricket has a guitar. He is hoping that Teri can help him replace a broken string on his guitar. Will Teri’s creative thinking be able to help cricket, or will cricket never play his guitar again? This engaging story is a great tool for any parent or speech therapist. It provides over 80 examples of the “t” sound in various word locations to increase speech development. This book also includes tips for parents who are working with their child’s speech at home.
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Genre: Children's Picture Books
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Traci Sanders
Length: 32
Ah, the elusive "t" sound that seems to plague most preschoolers. I had several children in care who had trouble with this particular culprit. Most of the time it came out sounding like a "d" or the child couldn't pronounce the "h" in the "th" sound blend. For either of these issues, this book would have been perfect because it covers both of those problems!

Beyond the technical aspect, this book was a joy to read because the author skillfully strung together (no pun intended) the sentences, filling them with examples of the "t" sounds and blends, without it being too much of a tongue twister like Fox in Socks, which used to crack me up every time I read it to my kids.

This book would make a welcomed asset in any early educator's classroom, or on the shelf of a young child to practice these sounds. You truly can't go wrong with any of the Talking Tales books!
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