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Straws: Third book in The Mug Trilogy

Straws: Third book in The Mug Trilogy
The aftermath of Mug’s time whirling in The Lying Scotsman’s vortex. This third book in the loosely autobiographical Mug Trilogy documents her epic struggle to achieve a positive outcome in her turbulent relationships with men, family, work and life in general. Who will be Mug's final straw?
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From his usual seat on the floor at her feet, Avan said, ‘Who was that text from?’

As she had nothing to hide from him, she told him. ‘Oh, it’s just some guy I used to talk to online ages ago. I only used to chat as he was lonely being stuck working on an oil rig. I never met him and never intended to.’

‘Really? Why did you delete it then if it’s so innocent?’ he asked. The tone of his voice exasperated her.

‘Why wouldn’t I delete it when it didn’t mean anything to me? I always delete rubbish texts. I only keep those that mean something to me. I always have, and I’m not going to change now. I reckon he sent it to me by mistake because it made no sense. What’s your problem with me doing that?’ she asked, her hackles rising.

‘I wish you hadn’t deleted it, because now you can’t prove what you say is true. I don’t believe you,’ he said.

His voice was harsh, and he was slurring from the alcohol. Horrified by his accusation, she dearly wished she’d not given him so many refills. It wasn’t in her nature to refuse his demands, especially as she loved him and wanted to please him. This had been a pattern with all men she cared for throughout her life. It was yet again about to bite her, badly.

Series: The Mug Trilogy, Book 3
Genres: Medium-length reads - 90 minutes to 4 hours, Memoir
Tags: Kindle Unlimited Titles, Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 227
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