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St. Helena Vineyard Series: Building Forever (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Forever Series Book 1)

St. Helena Vineyard Series: Building Forever (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Forever Series Book 1)
Natalie Russo’s life has been turned upside down, yet again, forcing this fiery red head back from her road to nowhere, destination California. Nat set out for the East coast to make a name for herself, instead she was made a fool of. Moving on with her life she accepts the biggest job of her solo career, the only catch, going home. When she finds herself partnered with the one person she least expects and history starts to repeat itself, she has to decide if she is going to stay and fight for what she wants, or be forced to walk away again?

Colin Palmer, co-owner of a prominent St. Helena construction company and highly sought after bachelor feels like something is missing. When he lands a contract with a prestigious developer, which could lead to an exclusive deal, it seems as if all the pieces are finally coming together… Except for the one piece that’s been missing, the girl who ran away with his heart, taking his future with her. As the project nears completion and success is around the corner, could the road block of his past be the wrecking ball of his future or will he put his feelings aside to get the job done?

Natalie and Colin are both looking to make their mark with a fresh start… But when their St. Helena history follows them to Santa Barbara, it seems their wounds are the only thing fresh. Will this reunion be the blue prints for disaster… or forever?

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One minute I’m ready to walk away, the next I’m in Colin’s hotel bathroom watching him pick glass out of my body.

“You really need to go to the hospital.” He looks up at me as he pulls another shard of glass from my knee.

“Really I’m fine. You almost have all the glass out of my knees and this little buddy right here…” I pick the last piece out of my palm and drop it in the bowl. “…is the last one.”

Silently we work to piece me back together. Not talking about what happened or the confessions that came after, we find ourselves just staring at each other, saying nothing and everything at the same time.

Patting my shin, he gets up and starts to run bath water. “Looks like we got it all, but now it’s time to clean you up. We don’t want infection to set in.”

I stand and walk over to the tub, thinking he’ll leave and let me be, but instead he unbuttons his shirt and hangs it on the back of the door.

“I thought you ran the water for me, to clean my wounds?”

“I did.” He removes his belt and his pants fall low enough to be dangerous.

“Then why are you undressing?”

“Because we are going to wash you.”

He steps behind me, lifting up my hair with one hand and pulling down the zipper with the other. He slowly lowers it until the dress is pooling at my feet. I should cover myself, but he has already seen me in the mirror. Forgoing modesty, I step out of the dress and turn around.

By the time I turn to face him, he has already picked up my dress and hung it on the door, next to his white button down. When he turns, he stops to drink me in.

Keeping eye contact, he unfastens his pants and drops them to the floor, leaving him in just his black boxer briefs. Now knowing his intentions, I place both of my index fingers on either side of my nude lace thong, and begin their descent down.

I lean over and check the water with my hand. “Perfect.” I smile and lower myself into the tub.

“Ahhhhh!” I lie back, closing my eyes. “So good.”

“Good. Now scoot up, so I can make it feel even better.”

I open my eyes and find Colin standing in front of me in all his naked glory.

“Eyes up here,” he chuckles.

I scoot forward and he gets in behind me, pulling my back to his chest.

“Can you hand me the soap and loofa?” he asks, pointing to the corner.

“Sure.” I lean up, grabbing the items and quickly fall back, splashing water over the sides. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’ll clean up.” He takes the loofa and lathers it up. “Lean up.”

Colin slowly massages my back as he washes me clean. Slow and soft is driving me crazy, but as soon as I relax into his touch, he moves to the front. Washing my neck, working his way down, spending an equal amount of time on each breast before he cleans my stomach.

Tapping my leg, he points to the side of the tub. Understanding what he wants, I prop my leg up so he can wash my knees.

I wince. “That’s tender.”

“I’m sorry, babe, but we have to get it clean. Put the other one up there and let’s get them out of the way.”

Doing as he says, I lean back and try to relax as the burn subsides. Loving the feeling of being taken care of, I almost fall asleep but suddenly, I’m awakened by a slow ache building between my legs from the slow, lazy circles Colin is making with the loofa.

“Colin, I think I’m clean.” I try to remove his hand, but he keeps going back to the area that is crying out for a release.

“Let me make you feel good.” His voice is soft and raw, whispering in my ear.

“It’s…good…it’s just…oh God.”

The pressure is growing inside and I can feel his cock pressing into my back. The feeling is too much to handle. I don’t know what comes over me.

“Screw it,” I say, before I throw my head back, reaching around for his neck to pull it down to claim his mouth. Desperately attacking it, I gently bite down on his bottom lip to open for me. Invading his mouth I move my tongue in time with the loofa.

Losing control, I move my hips trying to find the pressure I need. Not finding it, I reach down and remove the loofa, taking his hands, begging him to do the things the loofa couldn’t do. It takes less than a second for him to catch on and a minute later I’m falling apart at his fingers.





Building Forever is a romance novel about Colin and Natalie. They grew up together. After Natalie steals Colin's scholarship to an art school, she leaves town. Colin is bitter towards her. When they are older, Natalie comes back home to her Gamms. Running away from a fiance who was cheating on her. She finds herself working for the same company that Colin's company is doing a job for. Both can't deny the feelings they have always had for each other.

The book has great comedy and both characters have a good connection. You find out about their past together as flashbacks. The flasbacks come in the middle of a sentence and sometimes you don't even realize it is a flashback.

I felt the characters weren't developed enough. Since it is a short book, it was developed enough for the amount of time the story had. The back story would have done better as a prologue or in different chapters.

The book had a lot of funny moments with Natalie being a klutz and getting drunk on accident so she had to be helped by Colin. Natalie doesn't curse so she substitutes words with Axe and Morgan Freeman. Her Gamms was my favorite. Always dancing, singing, or fighting with her rooster.

The story had a happy ending and is the first book in a series. It can be read as a stand alone.

Overall, I would read another by this author and recommend for the humor and romance.
Natalie and Colin have a past, now, they are thrown together on a job. They are both trying for a fresh start.. Can they put aside broken hearts and learn to love again? Witty banter, hilarious antics, especially Gamms, laugh out loud moments. Fast paced fun read. Cary Hart is a author to watch, she is going to be a star . This book does not disappoint those looking for HEA.
Building Forever is an enjoyable read about two people who love each other, but have issues, preventing them from admitting their feelings for each other.

This romance-comedy was hilarious, and Gamms just made me laugh throughout the whole story. Cary did a wonderful job with the pleasantries, and I was hooked from the beginning. My favorite part was the rooster wearing shorts… that killed me.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, especially if it's about Daisy and Harris, I just loved Daisy, she reminded of me.
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