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Sonnet Coupled

Sonnet Coupled

Sheltered and cosseted, Sonnet Mendoza abided by her papi’s wishes her whole life: no boys, studies first and always. Now an ER nurse in a busy Chicago hospital, medical school is so close Sonnet can taste it. Just like her father always wanted. Just like she can she can taste all the things she wants—like Griffith Parker, the man of her dreams and her new housemate.

Working “graves” in a large hospital as a security guard while attending the police academy during the day doesn’t leave ex-Marine Griffith Parker any personal time, but after meeting the beautiful Sonnet Mendoza, business as usual is anything but. Sassy, smart…and interested in him, too? Except, she’s made an art of keeping her distance, and she’s been clear that her plans don’t include him. But the heart wants what the heart wants. His wants Sonnet. He’ll put it on the line to win her.
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About the Book

Meet the Author:

Sonnet is a daughter of Spanish immigrants. Her father was a respected man and she gets an opportunity to train to become a neurosurgeon. She meets Griffith Parker, a new security guard at the hospital. She can't deny the attraction to him and because he is so appealing to the eye she thinks his personality is the same. She is afraid that working with him there will keep her distracted from her job. When he saves her from an attack, he becomes her roommate and her opinion is changed about him.

This was a great romance read. It does have some sexual content, but it isn't overwhelming to the story. It did have some Spanish words that I did not understand. I wish there was a translation to them. Other than that, I enjoyed how well the story flowed. I think Sonnet is a strong woman and it is great to read books that empower women.

I would recommend this book and hope to read more by this author.
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