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Slivers of Life (A Collection of Short Stories)

Slivers of Life (A Collection of Short Stories)
These twenty short stories are a peek into individual lives caught up in spectacular moments in time. Children, teens, mothers, and the elderly each have stories to share. Readers witness tragedy and fulfillment, love and hate, loss and renewal. Historical events become backdrops in the lives of ordinary people, those souls forgotten with the passage of time.

Beem Weeks tackles diverse issues running the gamut from Alzheimer’s disease to civil rights, abandonment to abuse, from young love to the death of a child.

Long-hidden secrets and notions of revenge unfold at the promptings of rich and realistic characters; plot lines often lead readers into strange and dark corners. Within Slivers of Life, Weeks proves that everybody has a story to tell—and no two are ever exactly alike.
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While reading a collection of short stories usually at least one will capture my attention. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every short story in this collection. The short stories are very witty, humorous, intriguing and some even have a creepy aspect. The author is amazing, he successfully captures and writes about so many different emotions and scenarios. The story that really stuck out the most to me was “A match met”. I was wondering about the two many days after of what happened after the story ended.

This collection is a very enjoyable read, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something different and enjoyable.
I loved this collection of short stories! Each story in this collection of twenty by author Beem Weeks was a gem. Writing short stories is definitely an art as there is such a short time to hook the reader, but hooked I was with each and every one. The selections were all varied in content but each one was crafted so well that when it ended, I was perhaps a little bit disappointed because it was done.

The characters in the selections ranged from children to teens to mothers to vampires and Big Foot. Each one was well developed and believable. Their lives became very real to me. I laughed in some places and cringed in others. Some of the stories were a bit disturbing, but not overly so, and some dealt with pretty intense subjects.

Books of short stories are a fun thing to pick up because the reader does not have to make a huge time commitment to enjoy one or two. With that being said, I read this book in one sitting. It had great writing with great stories with entertaining scenarios that hooked me from the first page. This one definitely gets a Gold Book Worm Rating. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book with a lot to offer.
Slivers of Life is a wonderfully written anthology of short stories by Beem Weeks that skillfully taps into human emotions. The emotional depth along with the uniqueness of each story weaved around a variety of different characters and plots make this book both an engaging and thoughtful creative effort.

There are so many amazing stories that address a variety of themes; many of these themes are weighty but Beem Weeks' remarkable writing talent guarantees that each theme is handled with the sensitivity, compassion and thoughtfulness that it warrants. For example, Forget Me (Not Fade Away) takes a lot at Alzheimer's Disease and the ramifications of loss through poignant lens. The writing is raw and honest. This short story packs such profound impact that it is likely to resonate with the reader for a very long while. There are so many stories to savor. Along with Forget Me (Not Fade Away), these stories were my favorites:

A Match Met looks at revenge and the tragic consequences arising from taking matters into your own hands.

Lost Boy is a poignant story that seems to echo the saying "be careful what you wish for" doing so in a manner that is both unexpected and heartbreaking.

With When Jesus Left Birmingham, Beem Weeks does a remarkable job in taking a historically devastating event that spoke of hatred. Weeks added real textures through a written approach and enabled readers who knew of this moment only through a historical voice to feel as though they had been transported back in time.

The Distance offers a thought provoking examination on the question of reincarnation.

Night Flight is a clever story wrapped in a mystery that is certain to leave readers with lingering questions.

What is life really but a carefully orchestrated assembly of people and events inviting itself as a tapestry of stories. Beem Weeks' Slivers of Life unites powerful writing, ingenuity, mystique and emotions giving readers a memorable sliver of excellence. I highly recommend this book and give it a Gold Book Worm Rating.
The great thing about a collection of short stories is that, typically one is able to find at least ONE that he/she likes or can relate to, no matter how good or bad the writing is. But in this case, this book was penned by an extremely well-versed author. His stories come alive and make you feel as if YOU are experiencing the events right along with his characters. Some stories found in this collection are a bit creepy, some funny, and others–intriguing, which makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of book enthusiasts. It was definitely a quick, easy, enjoyable read for me!
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