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Shadow of the Drill

Shadow of the Drill
A Gritty and Violent Thriller.

A brutal experience transforms an unproven young tough into a ruthless killing machine. For fifteen years he waited, building his body into an unstoppable weapon so that vengeance would be had through the strength of his will and the power of his hands.

On the bloodstained streets of a northwestern city, the enforcer known as the Drill stalks his prey. Judge, Jury, and Executioner; he seeks out those who target the weak, condemning them to the kind of justice that has made him a legend.
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This book was a wonderful read. If you like dark and deadly, then this is the book for you. However, this book is not for the faint at heart. So if you can't stomach brutal killing, then you may want to skip this read. Yet, I love dark novels. I loved this.
Shadow of the Drill is a very good, intense, and graphic story of a very sadistic killer. Vigilante may be a more appropriate term.

Decker, Rudy, and Charlene make up the lead group and while they weren’t necessarily relatable they were very likable, and that is just as important in my book.

The story is slow going, but interesting enough that you want to keep reading, but around 80%, in shit gets intense and your heart starts thumping. You’re not really sure what’s going to happen and who will live or die. This is around the same time that things get very graphic. I’m not one to get squeamish easily but I was cringing a few times. The writing is very well done and detailed, and you can almost feel the pain of this certain character (not naming names or specifics to avoid spoilers).

Over all I’d give this book 4 stars, it was really good and I will read book 2 when it comes out.
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