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Sex, Blood, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Vampyr (The Bloodline Series Book 1)

Sex, Blood, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Vampyr (The Bloodline Series Book 1)
Twenty-five years after West Side’s frontman, Quinn Forrester, mysteriously vanished shocking his band members and the world, the opening of an art gallery brings the band’s lead guitarist, Jeff West, to New Orleans. Now a vampire, ageless and immortal, Quinn dwells in the dark shadows of the French Quarter after reinventing himself as his son. A beautiful artist, Quinn’s lookalike son, a vampire tour, romance, mayhem, and a series of events lead Jeff to Quinn. Will Jeff finally uncover the horrific truth?

"K.M. McFarland may have just made a big contribution to the massive amount of vampire lore and books that have been created in the wake of Anne Rice...I like K.M. McFarland's take on vampire lore. I like her characters. The writing is good. The plot works, and the vampires are fashionable and friendly...If you are in the market for a new vampire book, try this one." —R.S.

"The New Orleans setting is exciting and filled with mystery, and the possibilities inherent in an immortal life that can be maintained without the loss of human life to sustain it is intriguingly explored in this inter-personal relationship-oriented tale...Her plot is geared around the characters in her story and the impact turning vampire had on each of their and their loved one's lives...readers who enjoy paranormal romance blended with family sagas will find much to enjoy." —J.M.

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About the Book

Best Book Bit:

Randi and Quinn looked at each other recalling their earlier discussion about adding a little spice to their hunt.

“Did you hear that?” she asked.

“I did,” he said, wondering what was going on in his wife’s mind.

“What do you think? She’s obviously vampire friendly,” said Randi playing with her hair.

Quinn noticed her pretty face, long silky red hair, perfect breasts, and drop-dead body. He raised his brows and said, “She’s hot, babe. Honey, are you sure you want to do this? We don’t have to. It’s your call.”

The corners of her lips turned up. “Yes.”

He placed his hand over hers and said, “I love you. I don’t want you to do this because you think it’s what I want. I only want you to do it if it’s what you want. It doesn’t matter to me either way.”

She smiled and rested her other hand on his. “It is what I want. I want to experience this with you.”

He shook his head and smiled at her. “Then go for it.”

She winked at Quinn as she got up from the table and stepped behind the bar. Quinn got up and took a seat at the bar three stools down from the stunning redhead. The girl noticed him and looked his way flashing him a flirty smile. She was aware of his bedroom eyes grazing over her.

Randi eased her way over to her and said, “Hi, I’m Randi.”

The girl sipped her drink. Her smoky green eyes looked up, and she smiled. “Hello, Randi, I’m Riley.”

“Local or tourist?” asked Randi.

“Business. I’m an artist, and I’m here for the unveiling of a painting.” Riley glanced over at Quinn subtly licking her full glossed lips. She turned back to Randi and motioned to Quinn. “What a hottie.”

“Yes, he is,” said Randi with a smile. “That’s one of the many reasons I married him.”

Shit, thought Riley biting her lower lip. She shrugged her shoulders and attempted to laugh. “Oh, no. I’m sorry. Isn’t that always the way. The hot ones are always taken or gay.”

Randi laughed and said, “His name’s Quinn. He owns the place. Since you can’t have my man, how about another drink? It’s on the house.”

“Sure. Thanks, Randi.”

Randi made her a fresh vodka martini and set it in front of her.

Riley sipped and raised her glass with a smile. “This is great, Randi. You’re quite a mixologist.”

“Thank you.” Randi leaned in close to Riley and whispered, “Are you planning to scout the alleytonight for a vampire to feast on your blood?”

Riley looked at her wondering why she would ask such a question. Unaware Randi was using her preternatural power of hypnosis on her to get the truth; she said, “If I thought those rumors were true, I probably would.”

Her words were music to Randi’s ears. She reached out and touched Riley’s hand. Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she said, “You know they’re true, don’t you?”

Riley realized Randi’s body temperature was way below normal for a human, and her mind began to make a connection. She looked into her eyes and asked, “Is your husband as cold as you are?”

“Even colder,” said Randi moving in closer. “You know what warms us. If you’re interested in making a donation, I don’t mind sharing my hot husband, but it’s a one-time thing, and I have to be there. It’s our rules.”

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