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Sand Storm (Quantum Touch Book 2)

Sand Storm (Quantum Touch Book 2)
How do you say no to the President of the United States when he’s asked you to stop a nuclear war?

After Fritz Russell discovered his classroom door was a portal through space and time, he helped the United States resolve a foreign policy emergency. Now the president wants him to use the portal to avert the threat coming from a Middle Eastern nation that is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons.

For a history teacher, travel to the past is entertaining, enlightening, and a great way to engage students. But Fritz hasn’t learned all the portal’s secrets. Could others put the world in danger by forcing him to use what he doesn't even understand? If he uses it to help the president, there might be a war. But if he says no, he will be permitting his family, friends, and the world to remain in great danger.

Should Fritz agree to be the heart of the US operation? And if he does, is there enough time for him to learn all he needs to know about the mysteries of the portal?
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A worthy follow-up to “Storm Portal”. The story picks up a few months later as Fritz Russell tries to figure out both the hows and whys of the door that can sometimes open to another place and even another time. He again visits Robert E. Lee a few times along the way. I’m beginning to wonder if this will lead to a major plotline in an upcoming tale. (I also wonder how a mid-19th Century Gentleman can be so nonchalant about visits from this weird guy who says he’s from the future.)

Fritz’s wife warns him against further experimentation and putting himself in danger and his friend, Ash, initially sides with her until he takes a few trips himself and decides witnessing historical events unfold is pretty cool. His requested trip is to early 20th Century Paris to meet several favorite authors, including Hemingway. But these trips are somewhat back-seated by the president wanting to use the portal for a couple matters of urgent business on foreign soil. Guns blaze in an Israeli rescue and a Narian covert mission. (Note: the Narians are fictional and should in no way be interpreted as Iranians.) The wall across from Fritz’s classroom gets replastered and repainted a few times as stray bullets find their way out of the battlefield and into the school.

Ash finds a new girlfriend, who also happens to be a scientist and a major in the army (or was it marines? She’s kind of a tough cookie… but smart… and cute). One of the other clever scientists tries to work out a way to open the portal at will (instead of waiting for a thunderstorm). Fritz and Linda are expecting. And let’s see… George has to deal with military operations running through his school, shooting up the walls and bleeding in the halls. Just a normal day for a high school administrator.

Now. The question is: where is Stern going with this next? Lots of moral issues brewing. Lots of potential danger. Lots of school kids asking, “what the {bleep} is going on here?” (Well, they don’t really, because Stern doesn’t use rough language). And yes, there probably is going to be more lasagne and red wine consumed. (I hope that’s not a spoiler).

All in all, I think this story is a notch up from the premier novel and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Submitted by Les Lynam



Another amazing book in this series of Time Travel. The story was exciting and had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was coming next.

Love the characters, especially Ashley, he did not want to be involved but got so excited he just had to be involved.

Fritz is a teacher and the Time Portal is at the school. The president wants them to go on a mission to change history. Will it work? Read and see. I am looking forward to the next book.

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