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Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year
It’s a new year and there’s a wedding to plan! Pastry chef Ariadne is busy choosing the perfect venue, the perfect dress, and, of course, she’s busy fine-tuning the perfect cake recipes for the big day. Her happily-ever-after is in sight, until the biggest bombshell that could be dropped comes crashing down on her wedding plans. Just when she thought she’d finally found happiness, she’s left devastated.
With her family, career, and future on the line, Ariadne has everything to lose. Can she bounce back from this and have the life she deserves, or will she find herself alone?

This drama filled sequel to Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story can be read as a stand-alone novella.
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About the Book
Tags: Blue Bookworm, Gold Bookworm, Jena C. Henry, Nessa Stimson
Length: 121
"Having read Right Under Your Nose, which is the book that comes before this one, I just knew I had to read this one so as to find out how Ariadne and Jess were getting on. Although with that said, both books can in fact be read as stand-alone if preferred. But I'm glad I read them both one after the other as it made them much more enjoyable.

It was lovely being reacquainted with all of the characters, not to mention the terrier Butterscotch who is just adorable, such a cute dog, absolutely love that name.

This was a fun read, thoroughly enjoyable with a few funny moments thrown in which did give me a giggle or two. I also loved how the mysterious book shop made a subtle re-appearance. You'll have to read the first book if you want to know what I'm referring to.

My only criticism about this book is that it wasn't long enough. I think this story could have benefited in being longer, so as the author could have drawn out some of the events/scenes that took place throughout the book, instead of them feeling somewhat rushed and over far too quick."

I give this a blue bookworm rating. 😊.
This endearing novella begins where Right under Your Nose: A Christmas Story ended. Readers, don’t worry. If you haven’t read Right Under Your Nose you will still 100% enjoy the sequel. But, you really should read the first book- you will love it, just as you will love Ring in the New Year.

"But everything’s being planned! I thought we were all so excited and happy about everything.”

At the beginning of the story, all seems well for our charming, quirky, slightly bewildered but loveable heroine, Ariadne. She and her fiancé, her little dog and her family are eager to plan Ariadne’s wedding. But, Ariadne gets as mixed up as one of her cookie batters and life in her charming Victorian house goes sideways fast. Even multiple walks around the block with darling Butterscotch fail to improve Ariadne’s situation.

Ariadne and Jess her fiancé must face a serious problem together. Can Ariadne count on Jess and her family to support her? Not as much as she would like, but when an obnoxious romance book trips her up, Ariadne learns something about herself. She also receives help from an unexpected frenemy.

It was the book she’d found in the abandoned bookstore. The Unexpected Surprise.

This is a novella that will make you chuckle, smile and want to be Ariande’s BFF. The plot is quite fun and readable. This story will bring you joy because it is baked with author Tierney-Bedord’s deft and witty writing and charming insights. You will enjoy the dialogue, the relationships and the dollop of magic.

“She smiled and shook her head…realizing that magic was simply going to be a part of her life from now on….”

You will also enjoy a Recipe for Ariadne’s Gin and Tonic Frosting. I can’t wait to try it. I encourage you to get to know Ariadne. I am hoping that there is more magic coming from pen of one of my favorite authors. Ms. Tierny-Beford, please continue the story of the amazing Ariadne.

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