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Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story

Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story
This is a novella length book.

Ariadne Daniels seems to have it all: A successful career as a pastry chef, a Victorian home in a trendy neighborhood, and her dedicated boyfriend Scott who she's been with for years.

Her life is great until the day she stops by Scott's apartment to surprise him and finds out that he's not so dedicated to her after all. Shocked and too depressed to celebrate, she decides to skip Christmas. Her best friend Jess does his part to convince her otherwise, but Ariadne's determined to wallow in her misery, at least until spring.

Life has other plans for her, however. Some helpful meddling from a new friend at a local bookstore, along with some questionable behavior on the part of Jess’s girlfriend, turn Ariadne’s ho-hum holiday plans on their head.

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About the Book
Tags: Blue Bookworm, Gold Bookworm, Jena C. Henry, Nessa Stimson
Length: 117
This was a lovely Christmas read, it was a new author for me so didn't know what to expect. I found it to be a very nice easy read, short and sweet.

I loved the whole secret/magical book shop, the way it was described made me just want to be in there myself, wondering around and looking at all the books. My idea of heaven.

I enjoyed getting to know the main characters and absolutely adored the terrier dog, Butterscotch, who sounded truly adorable.

I'm off to read the follow on book now which is Ring in the New Year.
When I read this book, winter was turning in to spring. But I was certain that I could still hear Christmas carols, and see twinkling white lights and presents with lustrous bows. I know I caught the scent of homemade Christmas cookies wafting through my house. Nope, Christmas wasn’t due for another eight months; I wasn’t experiencing the real holidays, instead I was in the joyous throes of a marvelous, magical holiday romance by Author Holly Tierney-Bedord.

Our plucky heroine is Ariadne. She lives in a charming old Victorian house. She is a successful professional baker and she has a large, loving family that adores the holidays. But this year, Ariadne is skipping Christmas.

This novella is full of the wit and humor that has made Author Bedord one of my favorite writers. Blend laugh-out-loud dialogue with a magical bookstore, an understanding soul mate friend named Jess and some puzzling actions by other characters and you get this delightful concoction of a book. (We also get the recipe for Margie’s Pumpkin Cookies.) If you can keep a straight face and not chortle while reading the part where Ariadne goes to a play, then you must be Scrooge.

Readers will enjoy getting to know Ariadne and Jess. Will Ariadne bring two platters of cookies to the party? Can she find Butterscotch’s little coat? When will Ariadne’s Mom finish her Yahtzee game? And of course, will Ariadne have a Merry Christmas after all?

“And will you marry me?”

“Someday. Whenever you sort through this debacle. It’s the only way we can keep hanging out like this forever.”

What would Christmas be without love? What would Christmas be without a holiday novella by Holly Tierney-Bedord? Season Greetings and enjoy!

Jena C. Henry

April 5, 2017

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