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Ridden (Scandalous Moves Book 3)

Ridden (Scandalous Moves Book 3)
From Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author Deborah Grace Staley

Bad boys are her weakness...

Maddie Greene gave into that particular weakness when she was a teenager with devastating results. But she’s not that girl anymore. She’s a mature, successful businesswoman who dates polished businessmen, but never gets attached. Twenty years after leaving, Maddie has to return to her hometown to sale her grandmother’s home. Here, she’ll come face-to-face with a bad boy she can’t resist along with the demons from her past.

He’s a bad boy who doesn’t let anyone get close.

A.J. Johnson was the All-American boy next door. He had it all—looks, star high school athlete, and scholarships to the best schools. He fulfilled his promise and became a hometown success story, but tragedy struck and everything changed. Back home, he’s nothing like the guy everyone remembers. He’s a brooding, tattooed biker who spends most of his time alone. But when the high school girl of every boy’s dreams comes back to town, he shows her just how good a bad boy can make her feel.

Can what starts out as a Scandalous Move help two people face the pain of their pasts so they can begin to heal together?


“A treat for lovers of steamy romance.”

“All I can say is if you thought fifty shades of whatever was even bearable, treat yourself to some superbly written prose.”

“The best part of the book is that while it's definitely steamy with lots of intense scenes, the story has depth and the characters are people you would want to know in real life.”

“I always enjoy a good sit-down with a Deborah Grace Staley story -- she's has a real knack for writing affecting plots with engaging characters and satisfying resolutions. She's a very confident and technically assured writer who knows exactly what she wants to wring out of a romance novel. “

“The background of both characters made each of them come to life in this heated romance that reminds us why we love our feminine side. “

“It was amazing, awesome, emotional, sexy - it was perfect! I REALLY loved this story.”

“A modern woman who can have a great career and great relationship.”

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