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Remember (Protectors of the Elemental Magic Book 1)

Remember (Protectors of the Elemental Magic Book 1)
Hiding the truth from you is no longer protecting you. Sit and I will tell you what you need to know.

With these words the secrets of my great grandmother, Genevieve Silver, were unburied and my role as a Protector of the Elemental Magic revealed.

My name is Mara. I've always felt that there is something missing; that nothing is permanent. Why would I feel that way? I was raised with my little sister by my grandmother, who loved and doted on me. And then there was Cole Sands. Who could forget the blue-eyed boy that had stolen my heart. What more could a girl need?

Little did I know that with one secret, my life and the world I live in would change forever.
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About the Book

Mild Language


Remember, has everything bundled into one that you can't help but love: magic, good vs. Evil, family differences, character growth, love and determination. The main character, Mara, is timid and unsure in the beginning but truly develops into a strong protagonist throughout the story, and gains confidence in herself and the magical elements.

The writing style felt like it was for more of a preteen audience, I'm an avid YA lover but I felt this didn't have the depth to fully fulfill the genre. It's a great paranormal starter for the younger generation.

I also felt the story jumped very quickly between situations, and scenes could have used more backbone and a deeper plot. Overall it was a heartening story and I'm a paranormal lover, so I have to give it it's due. Thank you for the opportunity to read this story and become a part of Mara, Meg & Gram's lives, powerful women in more ways than one.
In a tantalizing tale, Mara and her younger sister Meg seem to be living a modern life with their grandmother until deep, guarded family secrets begin to unravel.

In this story full of suspense, supernatural elements, love, family and loyalty; the reader is thrown into the world that Marnie has created for the reader. With her descriptions of the visual and sensual aspects of the story, the reader becomes part of the story; feeling what the characters felt, smelling what they smelled, and at times it seemed as if you could even taste the food the grandmother was making.

As the story unravels and the plot unfolds, the suspense created definitely makes the pages and chapters seem short and very addictive. While the transformations of the characters are amazing, this story is definitely a modern-time fairy tale. If you're looking for a new series to start, this is definitely a winner. While the intended audience is young adult, even more mature readers can definitely enjoy, This is a five-star book, and definitely one I would recommend to my friends and family.
The book is amazing!

I was intrigued the whole time I was reading. As I was finishing a chapter I couldn't put it down and had to go to the next chapter. I truly love all of the characters, each as complex and surprising as the next. This book had me laughing, angry, crying, you name it, I was emotionally invested in the characters and their outcome.

One of the most memorable chapters was chapter three. Here is one of my favorite lines:

“Open the chest, love. It is time you learn who we are and what is inside,” Gram gently said and handed me the box. “This box was given to me by my mother. Each of the names on this chest promised to keep the ancient magic safe from those who would misuse it.”

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys compelling fantasy!
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