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Red Line: Trust Destiny (Vol 3)

Red Line: Trust Destiny (Vol 3)
The threat unfolds…

Sarah Randolph has discovered she’s a Red-Line - a member of an extraterrestrial community whose survival depends on her unique abilities. Her adjustment to her new life has led her to find love, but also comes with a cost. Because there’s another Red-line. One whose desire for her could cost her everything she holds dear.

The danger grows… When Sarah falls victim to her adversary’s deceit, she unknowingly turns from the man she loves and chooses her enemy instead—the man who will stop at nothing to keep Sarah at his side and kill the man who plans to stop him.

And secrets are revealed… John Ramsey will do whatever is necessary to bring Sarah back, even if it means sacrificing himself and risking the lives of those closest to him to do it. Because he has no choice. As lies are exposed and with the fate of their people hanging in the balance, will Ramsey and Sarah find the answers they seek? Or will destiny lead them down the path of their own destruction and that of their entire race?

Part three of a three-part series.
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: (16+ – some mature language and sexual references – not graphic)


I nearly gave it 5 stars but I felt there were a few things it should have brought up that it didn't. Also the magic act with Hannah. I mean, Sara seen Yates come in, so how did she get in that room? But they never covered who the spy is, although I think I know who.

But the rest of the story had me on edge. I was having trouble sleeping at night cause I did not want to stop reading this book. I was trying to think of a part that really got me, but so much of it did I am not sure I could pick just one. Although, right before Yates got his due, what Sara said to him had me giggling and just tickled me to death.

Great book, Bishop!
I loved this one even more than the other two. I've found myself growing close to the characters. I'm sad to see it end.

The third book of this series had a few climactic moments which I think really made the story. I love when things get intense! I found myself yelling at the villain in the book and rooting for the good guy to always come out on top.

This author has a gift of keeping her readers locked in. I stayed up many nights way past my bedtime to see where the story line was going!

If you love books that include romance, heartbreak, drama, and a smidge of violence, you will love this series!

The violence isn't gory and the sexual content isn't too detailed to where you feel awkward.
Things that make me happy- 5 star trilogies!

The Red-Line trilogy is fabulous! I've just finished book 3 and am beyond words. It was touch and go there for a while, not sure if good or evil would win.

J.T Bishop is a phenomenal author. I was hooked from page 1 of The Shift and I was not disappointed as I continued to read.

In this final tale, everything is explained, and brought out into the open. You learn about motives, and secrets. You finally learn about "the crash" and how it all plays into Ramsey and Sarah's lives, as well as with Yates.

What I loved most about this book was the connection I felt to the characters, mainly Sarah. I found her making less than stellar choices, and screaming at her to see the red flags. (She doesn't of course, at least not when I wanted her to). I found myself wanting nothing but the best for her, and that's definitely a side effect to the fabulous writing of J.T!

I highly recommend these books to everyone. There are a few sex scenes, but they're mild and very minimal. It would be appropriate for anyone who knows about sex (so basically anyone from middle school age & up, these days) gold_bookworm
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