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Red Line: The Shift (Vol 1)

Red Line: The Shift (Vol 1)
Her fate…

Sarah Randolph believes she’s just an ordinary woman, at least until the day she meets Ramsey—a mysterious man who tells her that not only is she not ordinary…she’s not even human.

Depends on him… John Sherlock Ramsey, an Earth-born Eudoran, is a Protector. He’s assigned to help Sarah complete her Shift, a period of intense transformation experienced by those of his species. But her Shift is different and risky, because she’s a Red-Line, a member of his kind not seen in over sixty years.

Yet she is the key to his survival... As her abilities are revealed and the secrets of their destiny exposed, they must confront an assailant who shares Sarah’s unique origins and whose motives are far more sinister than anything Ramsey has ever encountered.

Will Sarah’s unique powers change their fate? Or will she prove to be Ramsey’s last assignment on earth and watch as her people succumb to extinction?

Part one of a three-part series.
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: (16+ – some mild language and sexual references – not graphic)


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What drew me most to the book was the author wasn’t long winded. You got to the makeup of the storyline within a few chapters. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite character when the main one seems to be Ramsey. I have a feeling that you will get to know more about the characters when you continue with the series. Which is one thing that is drawing me into continuing the series, the need to know more.

I definitely would like to know more about Sarah. She is a mystery to me since she spent majority of this book going through the change of becoming a Eudoran. Which leads into being my favorite part of the book. Teenage girl is changing from a human to Eudoran which is equivalent to puberty. They are aliens that live among us that look like us except their species is dying out. They have a will to survive and it appears as if Sarah might hold the key to survival. But I felt some of the characters could have been developed a bit more. And, I wasn't completely happy with the cliffhanger ending, even though it makes me want to know more.

I would definitely recommend the book to someone that was looking for a fast paced sci-fi book, but it will come with a warning that they might get hooked!!!
Sarah Randolph appears to be an ordinary woman with an ordinary life until one day when her entire world changes. Author J.T. Bishop pulls readers in with skill and expertise as the story of Sarah unfolds.

This is not the type of book that I normally read. I tend to shy away from stories about aliens, extra terrestrials and fantasy but I found myself intrigued by the cover of this book and was quite entertained by the story, which I attribute it to the author's skill at presenting a fast paced and entertaining story.

Sarah is what is called a Red-Line. As a member of the Eudoran community who live on earth she is a very rare and highly prized creature who is not even aware of who she is. A gentleman named John Sherlock Ramsey is her "Protector" and it is up to him to ensure that her "Shift" is completed successfully. The Shift is a time of transformation and can be different for each Eudoran but with the unknown factor of her Red-Line status no one quite knows what to expect.

The story details a lot of what happens during her transformation, the other people that are involved and with surprising twists and turns along the way. At times, I found it to be too detailed in some chapters, especially when it was describing the Eudoran culture. As with any book, this could just be an issue of perspective. But, even though it was not my usual genre, the author made me appreciate it and consider that maybe it was a new genre for me to explore.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review and I am very happy that I gave it a try. This is the first part of a trilogy so I hope the author is able to continue the suspense and excitement in the subsequent books.
This book had me wondering at first. It starts out with not much going on. But soon picks up and once it does it is hard to put down. J.T. Bishop has a great book in this one. And it leaves you itching for more. I am so looking forward to book 2. Bring on more Red Line!
This is the type of book that you want to see turn into a mini-series. I hate that it's taken me so long to finish it, but that wasn’t because of the book!

I loved John Ramsey since the beginning. He seems like the type of guy that would be fun to be friends with…and love where his interaction with Sarah went.

I didn’t know where the “red line” topic would go…and didn’t expect it to take the turn that it did…but that made it even better! It was a nice change from all of the vampire/zombie topics lately. Excited to read the next one! I need to know where this takes Sarah…and if she returns to her “normal” life!

This was an intriguing read.

My favorite character was John Ramsey. He’s sweet and caring and has a great sense of humor, always making jokes. But all of the characters are well developed and easy to connect with.

John is hired to take care of a shifter, only to find out she’s no normal shifter, and someone wants to kidnap her and use her for their evil plans. So John and his new friends must protect her in order to save their race.

Overall this book was thrilling to read and it kept me turning pages. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre.
Red-Line... Hmm where do I begin? This book falls more into the thriller/suspense category but still gets my #1 Sci-fi rating of all time!

J.T had me hooked from the very first sentence of this novel and I was completely consumed from there on in. I was super excited and anxious and fluttery throughout the entire book, wondering constantly what was going to happen next. I had a gut feeling about the "bad guy" and it turns out I could be right, but I'm just not entirely sure yet. It's just one of those feelings, ya know? J.T did an outstanding job of making her characters likable and real...well.. As real as they can be *wink wink*

OKAY, but seriously, I loved the main characters; Hannah, Ramsey, Leroy, Declan, and Sarah. They're fun and flirty and relatable (again, as much as they can be- you'll get it when you read it!).

Declan and Ramsey have this tension and banter that just makes me chuckle, and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion.

This book is different from many others I've read, in that everything that happens in this novel could, hypothetically, happen in a real life setting- minus some of the extraterrestrial stuff.

I highly suggest this book- it's is easily one of my favorites of 2016, and my number 1 favorite Sci-Fi of all time!
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