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Red Line: Mirrors (Vol 2)

Red Line: Mirrors (Vol 2)
The stakes are raised…

Sarah Randolph is a Red-Line, the last of a unique alien species now living on earth. Her Shift to Red-Line complete, she faces a new challenge when her newfound abilities inexplicably vanish, jeopardizing her chance to save the race she’s newly joined.

And she must decide…

Now Sarah finds herself at a crossroads. She can’t deny the attraction she feels for her Protector, John Ramsey, but that desire may prove deadly when she is forced to trust the one man she fears the most…another Red-Line whose interest in Sarah could cost her more than she’s prepared to give.

Whether to follow her fate… With time running out, will Sarah be able to save her friends? Or will her nemesis succeed in separating her from the man she loves and ultimately make her his own?

Part two of a three-part series.
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: (16+ – some mature content and sexual references – not graphic)




An amazing book! Really great book, although a few times it could use a little less details. I like details but just enough to be able to get a good pic of it in my mind, but too much detail takes the fun out of being able to see it as you like.

Emotion was so high after Sherlock got stabbed. As he was in the hospital, I was nearly in tears for all the emotion that you feel as they all said their goodbyes. It kept my stomach in knots and my heart racing. And what she was willing to risk in the hopes of saving him.... It was really moving.

Also love the way book 1 and 2 both leave you hanging, longing to get your hands on the next one.

Awesome book! Book one had me hooked. Book 2... I read in a few days and am already sucked into the third book. I love where the story line is going and love the characters. The author knows how to write and how to keep you interested!
Red Line, Mirrors was a fantastic novel. JT kicks off right away with a crazy twist that has you questioning everything from the first novel.

This second book in the Redline series is a bit less action packed, as injuries and emotions play a higher role. ( I cried).

I'm docking this book .5 stars, because there were some "sexy" scenes that just didn't fit well for me. Very vague, so nothing cringe worthy, but it just seemed out of place for me. There also is a couple that forms in this novel and I just wish they'd stop touching 24/7! (Yes, even in books that bothers me 😂).

Outside of that, this book is really really good! JT did a wonderful job of reeling you in, and keeping you on your toes. While there is less action, and more emotion, the suspense is still there! Absolutely wonderful.
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