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Reckless Emotions

Reckless Emotions
She follows him for love, but he leaves her in a nightmare. Macy Chandler has it all - popularity, good grades, head cheerleader, and a full scholarship to college. Her boyfriend - the beloved quarterback, breaks up with her on graduation night. Heartbroken and angry, she quickly seeks the comfort in bad boy Dillon Braxton. After coercing her into a weekend away to visit his sick mother, reality strikes - he has escaped from a correctional facility.

Thus begins a spine-chilling tale of suspense, mystery and captivity. Can Macy survive the fearful clutch of her captives, or will her walk on the wild side end in a way she never imagined? Reckless Emotions is a romantic suspense read that will have you gasping until the very end.

Abandoned by love.

Deceived by lust.

Strengthened by survival.

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