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Played: Scandalous Moves Series

Played: Scandalous Moves Series
Making daring moves is their game.

Jaye Baxter is a woman in man’s world. Even though she loves her job, she’s in desperate need of a little quality time exploring her long-lost feminine side. So she does what any sensible girl would do—she picks up a sexy local in a Puerto Rican bar and has a one-night stand.

Matt Ruiz is one of the top pitchers in baseball. He has everything: success, wealth, fame, fast cars, and women. Dissatisfied, he goes into a slump that lands him back in the minor leagues. When fate throws Matt and an old flame together, he makes a play for the one he let get away. Problem is they’re both on a career trajectory that will keep them apart.

Can a playboy reform and in the process win the heart of a woman who once made him her Scandalous Move?

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About the Book
Series: Scandalous Moves, Book 2
Genres: Erotic 18+, Romance, Short reads - 90 minutes or less
Tag: Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 132
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