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Murder at Mother’s

Murder at Mother’s
A Killer lurks at the Bancroft estate and the Matriarch, Martha Bancroft, is murdered. Royally pissed, she hangs around to see what happened. When she doesn’t go immediately to the light, a member of her soul group, shows up from the other side. Gladys is adamant Martha needs to come with her, but Martha has no intention of going anywhere until she helps Detective Ian (Mac) MacKellar and Coroner Dr. Cecilia (Cissy) Walsh find the murderer. Gladys joins Martha and the two set out on their quest.
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This is my first read by this author and won’t be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed it. All I knew about the story was that it was a murder mystery with a twist. I didn’t know what that twist was until began reading. For those that don’t know, I’m not going to reveal it. Let’s just say it makes the story a little different from the run of the mill.

I could tell it wasn’t set in America and then thought it British but quickly realised it wasn’t there either. So it was a nice change to have a book set in Canada. 

We are presented with a murder, a detective and a family. Who is the murderer? With the author’s help, I narrowed it down to one of two, made a guess and got it wrong!

I like my books to have a little bit of romance in them and this had a tempting taster,  and I’d have liked to have followed that up.

The author’s ideas were really imaginative and I felt it set the story apart. I caught sight of another book called Stone Cottage and believe this was mentioned in Murder at Mother’s. What a great way to introduce it and it certainly made me add it to my TBR list.

A good read and highly recommended and it’s a pleasure to give it a gold ribbon.

Submitted by Karen J. Mossman

“Death couldn’t visit tonight!”

I hope that Author MacKay had fun writing this story, because I know I had a marvelous time reading her latest book. I have been looking forward to the release of Murder at Mother’s ever since the Author announced the title. Isn’t it the best? This book is a delightful hoot, that also gives you plenty to think about.

Mother is Martha, a matriarch in every sense of the word. She has gathered her somewhat odd family for an important meeting at her lovely estate. Can’t you already guess the problem? You’re right- Martha is changing her Will. And soon, Martha finds herself dead.

Martha is met by a Being, who is charged with bringing Martha “home.” Gladys is from a soul group, a team. No way is Martha going anywhere until she solves her own murder, so Gladys is a good sport and stays to help, too. Solving the murder involves lots of surreptitious spying on family members. “Martha and Gladys, cloaked as orbs of light, took up their spots in the drapes.”

Martha and Gladys are a hilarious team, but you will also be laughing at the antics of the family members. Most of the mystery tropes are here - the son who has married beneath him, the relatives who scheme for more money, the grandson who is a non-working Creative, and the hard-working grandson who loves his Grandmother. One of my favorites, was Vanessa, who appears to be a dim klutz, but who ends up being the most loving and perceptive. There are also the typical detectives. All the characters are given fresh and vibrant roles in Ms. Mackay’s care and they add to the enjoyment of the book. There is a hilarious scene in a walk-in closet. And just as I was thinking that this seemed to be a classic Agatha Christie story, one of the characters said that!

In addition to the humor and fun of trying to solve this mystery, we are also given some life lessons. Thanks to Gladys, Martha gets to review scenes from her past and she learns from these visions.

The mystery is solved in a satisfying manner, mostly due to Martha’s efforts to assist the detective. “Martha if that’s you can you bob up and down?” (that line still makes me laugh.) And at the end, Martha is given a new name to replace her title of “Mother”.

Gladys ends the book with the best line of all, “Sheesh! That’s all it took?”

The author explains that this novel is a work of Visionary Fiction. VF enlightens and encourages readers to expand their awareness of greater possibilities. “Love and hope are there, ready for anyone who will accept them.”

I know you will love this book as much as I did. Author MacKay, we want more Martha and Gladys.

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