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More Than One Kind

More Than One Kind
First published as 'San Fairy Anne:finding family'

One year is nothing; one year changes everything.

'You're old and cold,' are the words that end Anne Grüber's three-year relationship with a fellow-teacher. A hurtful insult that she fears may be true. What chance does she have now of finding love or even an adventure?

Then she sees an advert that will change her life: a job-swap teaching in a small Welsh town. Is it coincidence or fate that brings her to the very place her half-sister was last known to live? What happened to the child born in war-torn Alsace and ripped from her mother's arms? In search of lost family, Anne jumps into the unknown.

Neil expects professional development when he steps into Anne's shoes to teach in France. What he finds is passion. For one man, Luc, and for Alsace itself. Can he ever go back? And should he? When Neil and Anne swap lives for a year, they both find that there is more than one kind of love.

'More than One Kind of Love' challenges conventional views of family and responsibilities, making us question what risks we would take, and which relationships matter most, when tough choices have to be made.

For fans of Kerry Lonsdale, Kristin Hannah, Hilary Boyd.

'The humour frequently has the effect of pointing up the stark reality with which she writes.' Ted Griffin, Pause Magazine
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Series: Love Heals, Book 2
Genres: Medium-length reads - 90 minutes to 4 hours, Romance
Tag: Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 284
ASIN: B004C44P3S
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