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Mended Affections

Mended Affections
How do I move forward after receiving such life altering news? I know it won’t be easy, especially when the person who provided my strength is unable to claim that role. I have to claim it now, and stand on my own two feet. The need to give my children the life they deserve bears down on me, along with the need to stay true to my commitments of the past.

The darkness of my depression is threatening to swallow me whole. I have to pull myself through, but my heart is breaking, and it feels impossible to be the support system my children need me to be. Most days, I find it hard to let go of what things were, but then there’s this spark, this flicker of hope. A little light shining bright in the dark, and I feel like life is worth living again.

Maybe life has a way of leading you to where you were always meant to be.

This book contains mature content and adult situations. This book is the sequel to Fractured Affections, it is not intended to be read as a stand alone novel.
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Rea finally stands, letting her arms drop to her sides. Water runs from her skin, as my eyes follow its path, I notice a couple stretch marks along her abdomen, which only add to her appeal. God, I would have loved to have been able to see her pregnant with our son. There are so many things in this world I would trade to go back and be there for her.

“I don’t look like I used to if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve carried three babies; yours being the largest at nine pounds three ounces.” Her voice sounds less angry and more playful as she recalls her past.

“No, you don’t. I never thought it possible to think this of you.” I pause and look up making a connection with her eyes. She looks nervous, and her throat bobs as she takes a hard swallow. Her hand reaches out as she tries to grab the towel. I can’t help but move it from her grasp. “You are even more beautiful than you were back then. Over eleven years, I’ve waited. I’ve been patient, but I just don’t know how much longer I can take this.”

Her eyes search mine. That wasn’t what she was expecting me to say. As the minutes tick by, her arms cross back over her chest, and her discomfort rises. She thought she had me. She thought by standing here in front of me, covered in nothing but droplets of water from her bath, she would make me uncomfortable enough to leave. Only problem with her theory, she doesn’t quite understand yet that I’m not backing down anymore. It’s my turn to lead this game.

Her chin drops and she speaks in a whisper, “Please, Striker, can I have the towel? This isn’t funny.”

I close the small gap between us, placing my fingers under her chin, lifting until her eyes are back on mine. “You see, Rea, I don’t think I can.” Her eyes begin to fill with tears and her lower lip begins to tremble. “I’ve waited a really long time. I don’t want to wait for you anymore. Can you understand that?”

She slowly shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut, causing a few stray tears to travel down her face. “I feel the same way, at times. I’ve missed you desperately since the day you disappeared out of my life, but now it feels wrong.”

Taking the towel, I reach behind her and wrap it around her body. She lifts her arms and allows me to cover her. “Come on, Rea, we need to talk.”



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Mended Affections, the second book in The Affection Series by Elizabeth Wills, is a book that masterfully and realistically examines the grieving process and the challenges we face as we face moving on with our lives following loss. In the first book Fractured Affections, readers witnessed how the lives of three characters (Reagan, Striker and Dalton)were intertwined since childhood and how misunderstandings and secrets set the stage for heartache that spanned for over a decade. Told in chapters through the alternating perspectives of Reagan and Striker, Fractured Affections is a powerful book that reveals how forgiveness (of oneself and others) frees us from the weight of guilt. The charm of Fractured Affections, I feel, is that its characters and plots, though rooted in fiction, could easily mirror life. There are no prescribed villains in this story, just real people clumsily negotiating the twists and turns of life.

Of course, as in life, Fate often refuses to be silenced. A tragedy has befallen our trio and that's where Mended Affections begins: How do Reagan and Striker heal from this tragedy, grow as individuals and as a team?

Wills must be schooled in psychology because she methodically sets forth the emotional peaks and valleys of these characters. Grief is a complicated, intense process and I commend Wills in guaranteeing that the process proceed at a comfortable pace for both Reagan and Striker. Reagan suffers from anxiety so grieving for her is formidable endeavor: her solution is to isolate herself from her family. Consequently, Striker is left to handle his emotions and to create some semblance of normalcy for the children. But Striker too is grieving and I like how Wills writes him; Striker is strong, yet understandably uncertain of his role in Reagan's life.

There were many gut wrenching moments where we were left to mourn with these characters and, in a sense, absorb their pain. I don't want to give away spoilers, but I was satisfied by the ending of this book.

I give Mended Affections a Gold Book Worm Rating. This poignant take of loss, grief and hope is beautifully told, hitting all the emotional chords in a timely fashion.
I always worry when I finish the first book in a series, especially one that I enjoyed immensely. I fear that the sequel won't be as satisfying or compelling as the first, and often I'm right.

In this case, however, I was happy to be wrong!

The first book left me wanting to know more about Reagan's story, without making me feel cheated out of something, even though it ended in a sad way that I wasn't expecting. And that's all I'll say about that, to avoid spoilers.

This book carries us further along in Reagan's life, as she grieves over the loss of a great love. As we all know, in love triangles, someone has to lose. In this particular one, it destroyed me to see any of these characters lose, as none of them deserved the hand that fate had dealt them, but the author wrote the story so well, I was able to grieve and then move on without too much guilt :)

The progression of Reagan's grieving progress was emotional and believable. I appreciated that the author didn't rush it. And several subplots that played into the main story kept me turning pages.

I thoroughly enjoyed this portion of Reagan's story and I highly recommend this entire series by Elizabeth Wills.
“Mended Affections” is the second book from the Affections series, and like with the first one, I’m speechless. This book is even more intense. The way “Fractured Affections” ended left me with my heart so tight and so sad that I was a little nervous to start reading again.

Elizabeth Wills puts so much passion, so much love and feeling in her words that you will feel them in your soul. The way she describes everything is amazing.

“Mended Affections” continues the story of Reagan and Striker.

Reagan had lost her husband, her best friend, her rock. How can she continue to live? Where will she find the strength to keep going and take care of her kids?

Striker had lost his best friend and now he is the man of the house. He needs to take care of Reagan and the boys just like his best friend requested. But can he do it? Can he forget the love he feels for Reagan?

I cried my eyes out on several pages. I was crying so hard that I couldn’t continue to read. This story is so sad and what makes me sadder is knowing that this could happen to me, to any of us. How can we start over when our world is turned upside down? Can we find happiness again?

This book is about loss and grief, but it’s also about love and second chances. What I took away from this story is that life is too short so we need to live it wisely, one day at a time, even if it seems impossible sometimes. We need to make it work, if not for us then for our loved ones.
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