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Love’s Endurance

Love’s Endurance
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7 (ESV)

Twenty-eight-year-old, Madison Barrett, and her husband, Eric, decide it’s time to start a family? She’s young. She's healthy—until she gets news no woman wants to hear . . .

As the holidays come, it becomes harder for Madison to deal with her situation.

Review Quotes:

"Excellent writing and realistic example of how loosing focus on your helpmate can strain the relationship..."

"I laughed and I shed a few tears. For such a short book it is well-written and packs an emotional wallup."

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A few months later, I sat on the cold brick steps by the fireplace, staring into the flames of my first self-made fire. It didn’t warm me as I’d hoped. Eric normally built the fires, but he didn’t anymore. Never would again. He’d left, and it was all my fault. Wasn’t that what I wanted? Not really, but what choice did I have? He deserved more than I could give. 

I glanced out the window at the Christmas lights glistening on the new-fallen snow. A chill ran down my spine as I contemplated the events bringing me to this point in my life.  A life I now hated. At one time, I almost had it all: the perfect husband, the perfect job and a perfect future full of love and happiness. A child would have made my life complete. 

Why had I wanted to wait to start our family? Eric wanted it all from the very beginning. But I wanted a college degree and a career first—an interior design business I cared little for and now considered selling. I planned to move away from Naperville, Illinois, my home, and Eric. Away from everything I had known and held dear the last five years. 

The phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. 

I slipped the earring from my ear and answered. The voice I longed to hear whispered through the wires. I knew it would be like every call. He wanted to come home and try to make it work. 



“I love you.” 

I remained silent, not saying it back no matter how much I wanted to. We’d gone through this a number of times. Pushing him away hadn’t worked. I needed to make him believe I didn’t care anymore.

Love's Endurance is a lovely short tale that reads much like a Hallmark movie. There is a bit of romance, drama, and emotion to keep the story moving forward at a steady pace. The plot is structured around a young couple struggling with something that is quite common but devastating to many people--infertility. The author takes you through the highs and lows that both the man and woman experience in this situation--the anger, the guilt, the shame, the saddness, and the bond that is ultimately strengthened in the end.

I felt some parts could have been a bit more fleshed out, but the story still flowed well enough to keep me turning pages. The author did a good job of incorporating emotion throughout, but I didn't get a clear picture of the characters in my mind, so I wasn't able to connect with them as deeply as I would have liked.

With that said, this book came across my Kindle at a time when I needed something lighthearted with a happy ending, and it fit the bill nicely. It was an enjoyable short read.
“There’s no use borrowing trouble, as Mom says.”

Madison “Maddie” Barrett and her husband Eric have been married five years. They have successful careers and a solid, loving relationship. until they must face their first major challenge together.

Eric wanted me to see a doctor, get therapy, or anything to bring me out of the funk. Readers will certainly be attracted to the kind and positive Eric and will empathize with Maddie’s struggles.

Author Cox gifts us with a short Christmas novella that is full of relatable characters and themes of sadness and joy. This book is well-written, positive and uplifting. There are several possible endings to the Barrett’s story and I was pleased and happy with the way the book resolved their situation.

This is a charming story to read by your Christmas hearth. Sip a cup of hot cocoa and thank God for your blessings. And remember, Mom’s wisdom is always right!

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