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Little Birdie Grows Up

Little Birdie Grows Up
Little Birdie Grows Up is a delightful rhyming picture book with charming illustrations about a little blue bird who pecks his way out of his shell and into the hearts of parents and children.

He meets his Mama and yearns to fly up in the sky. His Mama reassures him that one day he will be able to fly. His first attempt is half-flying, half-falling out of the nest. But, when he finally does learn how to fly, well, it’s time to say good-bye.

Come along on the journey of Little Birdie Grows Up.
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This picture book tells the tale of a happy little bird, named Birdie. Written for Grades P-1, this cute story book is sure to please a young child who is learning to read, or who wants to cuddle with a grownup and hear a loving story. And what a lucky grownup to get to read such a delightful book.

The book is written in pleasing rhyme and tells the story of Birdie’s life from her start in a cramped egg, to her loving times with Mama Bird. Before she knows it, Birdie has learned to fly and leaves Mama to start her own family. The pictures are simple yet appealing and both Mama Bird and Birdie have sweet expressions.

“I warm myself in the light

of the sun shining bright.

Mama feeds me with a kiss.

I close my eyes and make a wish.

I found it interesting that the author wrote this book after her own child “left the nest” and headed to college. So perhaps grownups will learn as much from this book as the children will!

I tried to get my ten-year-old daughter to read this book but she said it was "too babyish" for her. So, we read it together and she did like it but still didn't want anyone to know she read it :) Therefore, I am reviewing this from an early educator and parent standpoint.

First of all, the illustrations in this book are adorable. I can easily picture holding the paperback version in my hand, reading it to the children in my daycare center. The colors are rich and the rhymes are engaging. The lines flow quite well, though (as my daughter noted) some of the verbiage is a bit advanced for young readers. I would more imagine a parent reading this book with a child rather than a child reading it unassisted. But perhaps advanced readers would enjoy it.

The message behind this story is beautiful and poignant, and it really hit home for me, as I have a son who's about to join the "by and by" soon, and I'm one scared Mama. As a parent, you want them to spread their wings and explore new things in the world, but as the person who carried that child in your warm little nest for eighteen-plus years, you worry how hard the ground will be during falls, how nice the other animals will be to your little birdie, and how your little one will survive on his/her own.

I will actually be ordering the paperback version of this book to share with my little ones in care. I think they will enjoy it, and I admire the fact that it's not just another children's book with a bunch of rhyming words thrown together. It has a beautiful message that will resonate with parents everywhere.

As far as a book that I would recommend to my mommy/daddy friends, this one passes with flying colors.
This is the second title by Wanda Luthman I have picked up and I just love it! Such a lovely and positive message about taking it one step at a time when growing up!

The illustrations are adorable - simple, yet just rich enough, in a style consistent with the simplicity of the narration. Well, seeming simplicity because the story is written in rhyme, which only seems easy to do until you try it. Congrats to the illustrator Bryce Westervelt - lovely choice of colour and clarity; and to Wanda Luthman, for managing to convey the what-ifs of growing up, which worry both kids and adults, in such a warm, soothing, rhythmic style.

This book is perfect to be read to and with children aged 3 - 6, whereas the slightly older ones (6 - 9) might even enjoy reading and reciting it out loud. I can see it read at home and in educational settings, spurring conversations about the importance of 'the by and by' as the author charmingly puts it.
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