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Inescapable ~ Tomorrow

Inescapable ~ Tomorrow
A fairytale wedding she’d always dreamed about. An unexpected “Fairy God-Father” she’d never imagined. A grandmother she’d never known. Add a deranged uncle obsessed with revenge. An impending crisis as the earth’s ozone layer diminishes, which leads to a job offer for Brad that could be “out of this world.” Then stir in a little romance, murder, mayhem, along with a dash of evil, and you have the perfect combination for Inescapable ~ Tomorrow, Book 3 in the spectacular Inescapable Series by Madge H. Gressley.

Old questions are answered, and new dangers arise as Darcey finds herself the object an evil plot of revenge on Brad, who is unaware of the dangers he faces and the choices he must make as he accepts the new top-secret job with ORCA.

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She hadn’t seen him since the night they made love, and now here he was again, but she was married to another man…

Darcey had felt someone move and stand beside her as she bartered for the coral necklace. It would match the new silk blouse she had purchased before they left Agadir.

“Excuse me?” Darcey said, turning to glare at the man standing next to her holding up the pair of earrings. She fully intended to tell him to buzz off. “Quin!” she gasped as she recognized him. “Quin, what are you doing here? Where did you come from?” she asked in rapid succession, resisting the immediate impulse to throw her arms around his neck.

What-are-you-thinking? she scolded herself, immediately tamping down the urge.

“I have been looking for you for months,” Quin said, placing his hand on her arm. “Let us go somewhere and talk. You can tell me all about what has happened to you since we last met.” He gently maneuvered her away from the booth, sensing the two men quickly closing the distance between them. “Come, we have much to catch up on.”

Darcey was too overwhelmed at seeing Quin, and also trying to understand the feelings that he had aroused in her just now, that she took no notice that he had taken the necklace from her hand, or that he had dropped it back on the table. He was now gently but firmly, moving her away from the booth and back toward the main street. When they turned the corner and headed back in the direction of the hotel, she finally realized what was happening.

She stopped and pulled her arm away. “What do you think you’re doing?”



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