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I’m Scheming of a White Christmas: A Christmas romantic comedy novella

I’m Scheming of a White Christmas: A Christmas romantic comedy novella
If you love a second chance romance, you'll love Tilly and Brady's fun Christmas story.

Tilly Grayson is finally back in the city she loves, New York. She's exactly where she wants to be and is loving every moment as a personal shopper at the prestigious Marlowe Department Store.

That is until Brady McKinnon walks in one cold December day. Brady may have been Tilly's high school crush, but he publicly humiliated her back in the day. Something she's never been able to forget.

So, when the perfect opportunity presents itself - a Christmas party at a chic New York apartment - it could be time to get her revenge... But has Brady changed? And will Tilly realize it before it's too late?

"Wickedly funny" - Novel Gossip

"Oh, buddy...this story made me laugh and swoon all within a few pages! I enjoyed every minute of it!! - Tiffany Williams

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Best Book Bit:

Why had I agreed to this?

I’d been following a middle-aged, balding man with an impressive double chin and his pug dog on their early evening stroll for three blocks and still the damned pooch hadn’t found it necessary to provide me with anything even vaguely resembling a poop.

Not for the first time this evening, the dog owner turned around nervously to look at me. I’d had to use a variety of diversion tactics, such as pretending to find a tree suddenly very interesting, bending down to tie my shoelace, and once even ducking into an apartment building entrance. This time though there was no tree, my shoelaces were perfectly tied, and there wasn’t an apartment entrance within spitting distance.

He looked me up and down. “May I help you?” he asked, narrowing his small, pug dog eyes at me. If this guy was anything to go by, it was true what they said about people looking like their pets.

I put my hand on my chest, glancing about me. “Who, me?”

“Yes, you. You’ve been following me.” His chins wobbled to and fro.

I plastered on my best I’m-innocent-honestly-sir look. “No, I haven’t.”

“You have,” Two Chins insisted, taking a step towards me as he brandished his finger. “I saw you about two blocks back. You haven’t overtaken me, no matter how often I stop for Chester to sniff.”

I glanced down at Chester, my eyes pleading with him to make a lovely, steamy turd so I could get this over with and get out of here.

“I . . . umm . . .” I tried desperately to think of a plausible excuse but came up with nothing. “You have a cute dog.” I watched with mild disgust as Chester’s drool dribbled down onto the sidewalk in a stringy line. Against my better judgment, I inched closer towards them.

Two Chins pulled Chester’s lead closer into his body. The poor dog was wrenched backwards, his eyes bulging out in surprise. “Stay where you are,” he warned loudly.

I smiled at him. “I’m nothing to worry about, honestly. I just like your . . . your cute doggie.” My attention was diverted as I noticed Chester turning around and around in a circle before squatting down and beginning to poop. I watched, marveling at the size of the thing. Good job, Chester!

“Err, thank you,” Two Chins replied as he gripped onto Chester’s lead. The dog’s business completed, Two Chins pulled a bag out of his pocket to begin the clean-up, a wary eye still trained on me.

“Oh, my gosh! What’s that over there?” I asked, pointing down the street at nothing.

“What?” Two Chins turned and looked.

Faster than The Flash himself I pulled my own bag out of my pocket. Taking a large gulp of fresh air, I bent down, placed the bag over my hand, and picked up the hot, steaming poop. Without a backwards glance, I tied the bag up, turned, and dashed down the street, leaving a perplexed and confused Two Chins gaping after me in disbelief.

Tags: Blue Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 65
I’m a fan of Kate O’Keefe and her well-written romantic comedy books that feature loveable gal pals, witty dialogue, fresh situations and an authentic happy-ever-after. Author O’Keefe give us her trademark frolic of a good story in this Christmas charmer. An enjoyable romantic comedy starts with a clever title and eye-popping cover and this novella wins!

New Zealander Tilly Grayson is ready to celebrate the Christmas season, as only New York City can showcase it. Tilly was a high school exchange student ten years earlier and has now returned to the city of her dreams. She has just started her job as a personal shopper when she meets a man from her past. Will the bad memories he evokes wreck her winter wonderland dreams?

Not if Lana her elf friend from the store can convince Tilly to follow a Three Point Revenge Plan. Readers will laugh as Tilly and Lana take over a swanky roof-top terrace Christmas party.

I always love a Christmas novella, although this is a short one, and I appreciated the likeable Tilly and her romp through New York. However, the Revenge Plan was too much for me, a bit over the top. While I didn’t like that part of the story, Tilly’s tale is still a fun holiday treat!

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