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A castle within the city of Lubena holds a secret: a portal to the alternate world of Hyperearth. Mary and Martina encounter beings that range from the curious to the dangerous. They must save their newfound friends and defeat the evil Sathon. Will they solve the quest and make it out in time? Or will they remain in Hyperearth forever?
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The title of this book was so intriguing and the cover was really cool too.

This story is about two girls who go into a castle and they unscramble some words to solve a mystery. Then they reach Bosk, an island on Hyperearth and it's really cool because there is a sorcerer named Sathon, who was evil.

Then the two girls set out on an adventure to stop Sathon from taking over Hyperearth. I enjoy stories that have girls as superheroes because it says that girls can do anything that boys can do.

The ending was awesome but I won't give away too many details about that. You'll just have to pick up this book yourself and find out.

This was a very long book, the longest one I've ever read, but it was exciting all the way through and I really enjoyed it. I would read more books by this author, but maybe not one so long.
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